The coming 'labor shortage' in America is great news for workers



I agree completely with the above quote. Our poor need years of full employment.


It’s a little more challenging for teens


You have a chip on that shoulder.

Controlling the borders or immigration is a central responsibility of govt, it would be there regardless of the shrinkage.

Why do you think employers should be allowed to hire illegals if they so choose? Do you not recognize that will leave a citizen unemployed, and receiving subsistence aid?


What coming labor shortage? Read a statistic compiled by Bureau of Labor Statistics that there is .95% of one person for every available job. Look around, “help wanted” or “hiring” signs everywhere. While I sympathize with Theo, those in the country who want to work, can find a job. The “chronically unemployed” simply DON’T want to work.

Edited to say, that means in about ten years there will be 100 jobs for every 75 people in the country. I’ve said it before, we need immigration to fill the entry level jobs that are all around us.


Until jobs start going undone because people won’t do them. This is a regular occurrence and it costs local economies.


Maybe some day, but not yet. We have plenty of youth, homeless and disaffected that still need those jobs. They are also not the ideal hires so there must be a shortage for employers to take them on over a highly motivate illegal who will work for less.

What do you think the long term prospects are for a black teen that was hired and trained, learned job skills and a work ethic. Then contrast this to a teen that was never employed, or not for very long.

Which teen is prepared for the next rung up the ladder, or will have the motivation to seek further education/certification?

We have quite a few adults still off the grid as well, that need to be steered back toward a productive contribution.

Business will adapt, that’s what they do best.

Seasonal Ag work is really the only area I see that warrants a steady supply of temporary visas.


Are you referring to affirmative action in hiring?


You’re not seeing the big picture accurately. The front line unemployment rate, the one that gets touted everywhere is the one that catches attention. But it is not that accurate as it only counts people who have actively looked for work in the last 4 weeks. If you’re only looking at that number, then it’s easy to say shortage and that is done in order to support opening the borders more. You need to look at the rest of the numbers. My personal favorite is labor force participation rate. This reached a high in 2007 that we have not come close to matching since. Another favorite that is quite crucial is the rate of increase in wages. It turns out that wages have not quite kept up with inflation in the last 12 months. If there really was a work force wide shortage, we should see this number start to exceed the rate of inflation as it would show that employers are finding themselves having to raise wages more than they are presently.

There are 96 million Americans between ages 18-64 not participating in the labor force. Granted, many of them are retired or disabled or homemakers. But still a lot left. Make a serious dent in that number first, then I might reconsider my stance on immigration restrictions.


Lots of upcoming opportunities for chronically unemployed people to get relevant training.


homeless villages in California


Meaning that, when the jobs go unfilled after three to six months in manufacturing, either automation or the ongoing flight of manufacturing will head overseas will occur. College graduates won’t take the work and among the chronically unemployed, only a small percentage will move off the public assistance roles to fill vacancies. Businesses cannot increase wages to attract workers because the push on prices with price their products and services out of reach of the consumer.

Don’t think so. When the minimum wage reaches $15.00 an hour in Cali in a couple years, a candy bar will cost $2.60 and a McDonald’s happy meal will be $11.00. Politicians think they can legislate prosperity, they’ve been trying to do it for years. It won’t work.


Multiple responses are possible.
Unemployed people move to where the jobs are (ideal outcome)
The business becomes more efficient, or adds automation (nothing wrong with it)
The business moves overseas (always on the table)

Any of the above responses are better than flooding the labor market with scab labor from out of the country.

Black teens are now getting jobs where they didn’t before. Try imagine the long term impact that can have on their lives. They start young and learn a work ethic, gain job skills, and are set up for getting their next job or furthering their education, both routes lead to living wage jobs.

A 20ish black man who never worked before has very poor prospects for his future, crime is a very likely direction.

Also consider that it takes time for a labor market to adjust. It takes time before people can/will relocate to where the jobs are. But in the past it’s always worked out, don’t be so rash to undercut market forces.


Back to school … to study math.


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