The communion rail, or standing for communion?

what do you prefer? the old way of kneeling at the communion rail for Holy Communion? or standing to receive Holy Communion?

I prefer to kneel to receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
i feel it is more reverent. if i saw Christ in person, i would automatically kneel. so i kneel at Mass to receive Him.

I’d do more than kneel if i saw the lord our savious in person - i’d prostrate myself, face flat on the ground.

But I’d love to kneel at my parish, though the Novus Ordo GIRM doesn’t allow it…

I prefer kneeling. It seems much more reverent to me.

oh being prostrate is ceetainly what i’d be doing!! :thumbsup:
i’d fall to my knees first believe me!!

a good protestant friend told me once, that when Christ returns, he said, “every eye will see Him, and every knee on earth will bend”

wonderful! brings tears to my eyes.

There must be some very lax Novus Ordo Priests, then. Many at my Parish kneel before receiving Him! I’ve moved three times in the last two years–Texas to South Carolina to South Florida–and I see many do so. Don’t be afraid to kneel!!

I would much prefer kneeling at an altar rail to recieve.

But recieving standing up does not lessen the beauty and grace I recieve.

That being said please bring back the altar rail !

I agree- wow I haven’t received at the alter rail for ages! :slight_smile:

I voted “I prefer kneeling.” However, it’s really not about what I want. It’s about which is more reverent to receive Jesus Christ Himself into our bodies. I think a better question would be: “Which does God prefer: standing or kneeling?” :slight_smile:

Altar Rail, kneeling and recieving on the tongue!
Thank goodness we practice all three at our Parish:)

Are you sure? I thought the Novus Ordo GIRM gave the power to the local Ordinary. I myself kneel for communion no matter where I go.

While kneeling would be my preference if I were younger I now prefer standing. It would take forever for me to kneel and then I would look a sight trying to get up.:smiley:


If I were in your parish, you could lean on me. We’d do it together!!! :slight_smile:

If I could I would kneel.


It is obvious from your humor that you would still be beautiful, even trying to get up…!!!

you can! maybe you should!

I prefer to kneel for communion, but it’s frowned upon at the NO Mass. I remember reading something on an ultra trad website once that said, “Those who stand for communion will kneel for the antichrist”. It sounds rather extreme, but it does give one some food for thought. :hmmm:

Well, if I attend a NO I usually don’t kneel.

I will genuflect before recieving though.

However, at my normal parish, we have a communion rail so kneeling is the norm.

Not all NO Churchs frown on this…I attend a NO Holy Mass and I recieve kneeling (when they are not bothering me) and on the Tongue…the Priests do not frown or refuse anybody…unless they are not Catholic that is:)

it does sound extreme and unnecessary. (the quote, not your post.)

Yes, the reverent No Masses are good to find. In Canada, they are few and far between. :frowning:

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