The Confession Part II


My brothers and sisters I think I have an addiction. I think I am addicted to sex and women and porn. I don’t look at hardcore porn because I am afraid of getting caught. I want to have sex all the time. I am constantly lusting after women and wanting to have sex with them. I do have self control to a point. I have constant lustful thoughts of whomever I see. I have highly sexual thoughts while saying the rosary, usually about pictures I have seen or women I see. I have never cheated on my wife except through MB and this terrible addiction. I do real well for awhile, I go to confession but fall right back in the same hole again. I can’t seem to stop this fire from burning me. How do I stop! I want to stop for good and not do it again. But I get these urges and set me for a loop. I often think all the prayers I say are just wasted air. Someone please help me love myself again!?



Admitting you have a problem is a big step… There are some really good threads about this problem in the other sections. I will pray for you.


Hope you’re confessing to your priest as well as to us. Confess as often as you sin - daily if necessary. And go to Mass as often as you can.

God is absolutely rock-solidly constant in His love of us even when we sin. And He is stronger than any of our addictions and urges. Best of all HE wants to help us conquer our sins, and CAN help us conquer them.

Keep praying, no genuine prayer of repentance or prayer for help in overcoming sin is wasted.


It seems that a good and open talk with Father in Confession could be helpful - we all struggle somewhere or other. May Our Lady, Queen of Holy Purity, intercede for you powerfully. I will keep you in daily prayer.


Many have struggled through what you are suffering. Many have received blessed freedom from these sins. The Lord will strengthen you, but you must remove the triggers of such thoughts and actions. Avoid the near occasions of sin. This alone may be all that is required for you to conquer evil. Please remember that if you do not struggle, you will not be triumphant, and will not merit the crown of immortal glory that God has planned for you. Our prayers are with you, and Christ is reaching out to you. Surrender to Him, for it is in weakness that you become strong in faith. Christ’s peace be with you.


Thank you all for your prayers. They really did give me strength to face my demons and not be afraid to go to confession. I am really fortunate that I have a priest where I work to hear my confessions. I work in a hospital so it is a blessing that I have a priest on staff. Although I am able to go to confession, I just can’t tell my wife about these things and bare my soul to her. I am afraid of what she might do. She tends to be radical in her solutions and it would possibly the end of 11 almost 12 years of marriage. Does anyone have any ideas about confronting my wife?

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Praise God that you are doing better! To combat such an obsessive problem, you must refine your life. Keep God foremost in your mind. Pray constantly. Wear a St. Augustine medal, and beg his intercession as he suffered from a lot of sexual immorality. Stop watching movies with sexual content. Cancel magazines like Maxim or anything else impure. Avert your gaze from the flesh that is peddled everywhere in our corrupt society. Look at women’s FACES. See Christ in their eyes. Confine your desirous thoughts to your wife. Get rid of any porn or near-porn. Block porn sites by using a filter. Read scripture. Pray constantly. Many of the above are things that trigger destructive impulses. Remember that, the closer you are to God, the more fierce satan’s attacks become. The evil one will not send you heroin dealers or gamblers, because that is not your weakness. He will send the flirtacious to you, he will send porn, he will send whatever tempts you because he is the tempter and knows which buttons to push. Did I mention to pray constantly? :slight_smile: However, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phillipians 4:13). Spend time in Adoration of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

As to your wife, she suspects if she doesn’t already know. When you have progressed in your struggle against sin, and it is (mostly) in your past, bring it up. Show her that you recognized it, realized that it offended God, your marriage and her. Tell her and show her that you took action. Let her know that a lot of people in this sex-soaked society have similar problems and are fighting it as well. Beg forgiveness and ask for her prayers, if she is a prayerful person. Fighting this is akn to being addicted to pain killers and working in a pharmacy-you are surrounded by it.

Christ’s peace and strength to you.


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