The Confessional

I am preparing to go to confession for the first time since my infant baptism.

How specific must we be when confessing our sins?

Congratulations first of all - be sure to tell the priest it’s your first confession, he’ll help you out if you get stuck.

You don’t have to be too detailed - just enough that the priest knows the nature of the sin and any relevant details that may be necessary for him to give you appropriate advice and a penance.

As an example -

‘I stole’ is way too general.

‘I went into the First National bank on Main Street on Thursday, it was 2pm and there were five people in the bank, and I robbed them with a Colt .45 and ended up with $10,053.60’ is WAY too detailed :smiley:

‘I robbed a bank with a pistol, stole about $10,000, and traumatised a few customers’ is about right.

Bear in mind the priest can also ask you whatever details he feels are necessary, so don’t fret too much about the amount of detail.

Your really only need to state the sin not the lurid details.
“I commited adultery approximately this many times”
" I stole this much money from my employer, etc…)

God knows the details and He doesn’t need excuses.

Sometimes we might be tempted to kinda give excuses, but a confession is truly facing our sins honestly and accusing ourselves of offending God then asking for His forgiveness.

Make a list or something that should help you clearly and comprehensively cover all your sins so you make a good confession and go power through it, it will be worth it.

God Bless,

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