The Confiteor cannot replace the sacrament of Confession


I remember as I was younger, my family - and i remember once during my catechism - It was said to me that the confiteor would be enough to recieve the Eucharist if I had sinned.

I am aware that, for venial sin, prayer, charity and fasting are enough, but grave ones? NO! and I think i am right.
I hope it was because I was young, and they THOUGHT (with a great lack of prudence) that my sins could be only venial.

I also post that after reading that about 1 year ago, there was a discussion about the same subject, whether this formula during the mass could forgive sin just as the sacrament.

Please give your opinions, and most importantly Church teaching.


There is another thread here that addresses your question. :slight_smile: It refers to Church teaching.


Canon law CIC:
Can. 960 Individual and integral confession and absolution constitute the sole ordinary means by which a member of the faithful who is conscious of grave sin is reconciled with God and with the Church. Physical or moral impossibility alone excuses from such confession, in which case reconciliation may be attained by other means also.


Thank ou it seems i didn’t search enough :blush:


The Code of Canon Law is clear when it says that a forgiveness of mortal sins can only be achieved through the Sacrament of Reconciliation; or, in a matter of life or death, a perfect act of contrition or General Absolution will suffice.

But, no, the Confiteor doesn’t forgive sins


[quote=tommydude2112;12123612 But, no, the Confiteor doesn’t forgive sins

mortal sins you mean, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks to you and to everybody


Yes, mortal sins. Venial sins may be forgiven at mass during the penitential rite.


Its actually an act of perfect contrition and not a perfect act of contrition.



but I’m sure he meant that the contrition is to be perfect.

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