The Confiteor

We say this prayer every day at Mass and I wonder if we think, really think, about the words.

This morning while saying this prayer it stuck in my mind where we say “I have sinned through my own fault in my thoughts and in my words,…”

**In my thoughts **— what does this mean exactly? I realize that it would be a sin to think “I wish so and so would die” or “I hate so and so”; or something like that - but suppose we were just annoyed at someone for something that the person said or did and we keep playing different options in our mind as to how to answer that person. It is almost like we want to come out on top in the argument.

It’s the old axiom “I wish I had said that.”

Is that mind playing a sin?:confused:


My dear friend

Probably not.
I get upset with other drivers on the road sometimes. I don’t speed and everyones in such a hurry. It feels like I’m letting them down by existing because I’ve got in their way, and maybe I should apologise for being alive. I get cross and you could say judgmental and uncharitable but my response is justified and hence no sin. Not everything is sinful and some things are just imperfections.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

“In our thoughts.” When talking about adultery, Jesus said that if we look at someone with lust, then we are guilty of adultery in our hearts.

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