"The Conflict" Movie Featuring Trevor Howard, Martin Sheen, and Cyril Cusack

Hi everyone. I have been watching the movie in my title and I am wondering if this movie is orthodox or not. I ask this because at one part, the priest from Rome states that the Vatican no longer sees it as necessary for the faithful to believe in transubstantiation. Please help!

The statement concerning transubstantiationis false. It is a core doctrine of the Church.

Yes, I know this. :slight_smile:

I saw this movie. It is supposed to take place in the future. Martin Sheen states that since Vatican FOUR this belief is no longer neccessary. The point of the movie was to present where the Church is heading.

Ah ok. I didn’t know that. Do you think it is an ok movie to watch?

I think the intent was to make people fearful of all the changes that were happening during Vatican II. I don’t see any harm in watching any single movie or reading any single book. I do however think repeatedly reading dissenting books and watching dissenting movies can deform your conscience.

Oh ok. I prefer to just totally avoid such movies but that is just based on my own personal conscience. I do respect other people’s opinions on the matter and I believe we have at least some freedom of conscience when it comes to matters that the Church has not definitively ruled upon. :slight_smile:

Any movie that says what the Church teaches is a lie, must be avoided at all costs because it teaches a GRAVE EVIL and must be inspired by Satan!

The fact that the Eucharist is the BODY, BLOOD, SOUL AND DIVINITY of our Lord Jesus Christ, that it is the most priceless gift that Jesus gave to us to help us deal with these false prophets, could never be degraded by idiots like the people who made this movie!

Vatican II did nothing to harm the Church, it is the mistaken interpretations that are harming us!

If Vatican II was so bad, then Papa Beneductus XVI, must be less intelligent than Mr. Sheen???

Come on, wake up people!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


This movie is from 1973, based on the book “Catholics” by Brian Moore. Here is a link that puts the whole story in context:


Apparently, the version released on VHS/DVD leaves out about 10 minutes at the beginning which puts “the conflict” in context, and thus leaves people somewhat confused.

The movie is set in the future, after a “Vatican IV” , and deals with tensions between a very modern Church that has given up many beliefs and traditions, and a group of “traditionalist” monks. I remember seeing it quite a while ago, and thought it was very good, but have long forgotten the details. It was a real thought-provoker, and I didn’t see anything wrong with it at all, as it was dealing with a purely hypothetical situation.

I agree. I wouldn’t say the attacks the Church. It just portrays a fictional circumstance in the future. Traditionalists I know love this movie.

I remember this film from when it was first on TV. My father was offended not by the Martin Sheen character but by by the trad abbot who no longer believed in God after seeing all those who came to Lourdes and were not cured.

I hadn’t known that the book was written in '73 but it seems that the author looked at the tumult in the Church and projected it forward, rather like “futurists” who looked at the world situation in '73 and predicted wars for oil and other resources by 2000.

About Brian Moore, from Wikipedia:

Moore was born and grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
His father, a surgeon, was pro-Axis during World War II, although Moore himself was a volunteer air raid warden during the bombing of Belfast by the Luftwaffe. He also served as a civilian with the British army in North Africa, Italy and France.

Moore had grown up in a large Roman Catholic family of nine children, but rejected that faith early in life. Some of his novels feature staunchly anti-doctrinaire and anti-clerical themes, and he in particular spoke strongly about the effect of the Church on life in Ireland. A recurring theme in his novels is the concept of the Catholic priesthood. On several occasions he explores the idea of a priest losing his faith. These works were criticized by his sister, a Roman Catholic nun.

This excellent movie has a deeply moving story with endearing characters portrayed by superb actors. It provokes some questions to which i would like answers:

  1. Is the Latin mass no longer allowed?
  2. Do Catholics no longer have individual private confessions with a priest?
  3. Vatican FOUR ??? When was it? – For that matter when was Three? The last council i remember was Vatican Two (1962-1965) much of which was widely considered radical at the time and is still controversial.
  4. Does the Catholic church no longer teach that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ?
  5. Has Lourdes closed down?
  6. What is “the ecumenical rule of the World Council of Churches” referenced by the Father Abbot? Does this council have authority superior to that of the Pope?
  7. Are there really priests involved in overthrowing governments in South America?
  8. Martin Sheen’s character (Fr. Kinsella) is seen in his room sitting in the lotus position. Is this some new combined form of Zen Catholicism?
  9. I vaguely remember reading some years ago about a syndrome of depression suffered by some priests when they prayed. Has that ever been explained?
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