The Conjuring - Movie

Has anyone else seen this horror movie yet? Just got back from seeing it, and thought it was actually a pretty decent portrayal of good versus evil, religion presented in a positive light, and the importance of marriage, and family life.

I liked the film and how it showed religious people to be. They were shown as intelligent and caring. I wish this were always the case in films.

But I have doubts that it was based on little more than legend. I researched the Warren’s and was disappointed that they didn’t seem to want to subject their good video and audio “evidence” to scientific review. Why hide the quality evidence and just tell stories?

Now, I watched an interview of the guy on youtube, and he seemed genuine, but I have my doubts as to the effectiveness of ghost hunting with crude instruments. Conjuring was a quality film however.

I have seen the film (admittedly, I began to pray during the film as I was genuinely afraid during several scenes). I felt it was an interesting film (as I am a fan of horror films to begin with), and I enjoyed the acting work of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren, respectively.

I was also (pleasantly) surprised to read of the quote at the end of the film:

The fairy tale is true. The devil does exist. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the film, and felt it was a (rare) quality horror film.

I just watched it.

I also think the movie stressed the importance of baptism, and being religious and having faith.

If you recall, the family had not been religious and the children were not baptized.

But the movie kept the end hanging as to what happened to the family-was the family or children baptized? Did they become christians?

I too just researched them…I think they are genuine. I was surprised they were also involved in the investigation of what later turned out to be the movie…Amytiville Horror.

Good horror movie. I too liked how the film potrayed religious people in a positive way., which the USCCB uses, says it “contains a skewed view of Catholic faith practices”. Do you feel that this movie would increase a person’s fear or increase their faith?

Anyone seen the movie “The Conjuring?”

Great Catholic movie! A bit scary, but definitely a good watch! :slight_smile:

I saw The Conjuring" the other night and thought it was great. Yes, it is a good Catholic movie and it made me feel glad that I’m baptized, pray every day, receive the sacraments regularly, and love my faith.

Indeed! I saw twice in two consecutive days :slight_smile: haha. Once with my girlfriend, and the next day with my parents. :thumbsup:

I have not seen the movie but i have read about the doll, its real and its evil. :eek:

Google “The true story of Annabelle, The haunted doll from The Conjuring”

I think it has the potential to increase a person’s faith, but it’s just a movie, a snapshot, if you will, of a much bigger reality.

I agree!

Wow, I’m definitely going to have to do that. Thanks!

I haven’t heard about the film, but I recently read a brief description of the doll.

I think I’ll pass. These types of films give me chronic insomnia. :o:eek:

Yeah my husband is too scared to watch them too, lol. He downright refuses. I had to go watch it with a girlfriend. And yes, I definitely was scared that night, knowing it was all a true story… :o

I wouldn’t say it’s a “Catholic” movie per se, but it does portray the RCC in a better light than a good percent of modern day films.

As for me, I’ve seen it and I thought it was amazing. I’m not really a horror fan - simply because I scare way too easily - but I really liked it. James Wan has a talent for this type of genre and seems to learn from each past project he has done. That’s what you want from a director.

I saw this movie.

Great Catholic movie? Really? The demonology is a bit wishy-washy. Don’t think demons are confined to objects that need to be stored in some guy’s basement, acting as his personal museum or ghostbusters storage facility.

And I don’t know if it’s a thing with the director James Wan, but I also saw Insidious, and in both movies the Catholic priesthood are portrayed as the powerless incompetents that can’t be relied on.

I just watched it three hours ago. Three hours later, I still can’t sleep.

Good Catholic movie or not - if you want a good scare, check it out.

Lol well it is a true story. The guy did exist, and he did work with the Church in investigating cases so that he and an exorcist could report back to the Vatican and get approval for an exorcism.

I have not watched insidious, but I didn’t get that sense from the priest in The Conjuring at all. :shrug:

To each their own I guess.

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