The contradiction of new religions

Have you ever noticed the line between NRMs that are socially acceptable and those which aren’t? When I was in college I did some research into NRMs and they are interesting to study, how they grow etc.
Something I notice on here though is this disconnect. If a Mormon or a Jehovah’s Witness is on here we don’t outright throw their views off but seem to dialogue.
However if a Scientologist came on here talking about what they believe I’m sure they would not get a welcome or even serious feedback.
When one looks though at Scientology and then Mormonism, what is the factor that causes us to reason with one and reject the other as nonsense? These are just examples by the way. There are many many bizarre NRMs.

Probably because Mormons and JW stemmed from Christianity, so people think that it’s possible to get them on board with more mainstream Christianity or possibly Catholicism. Whereas movements that have no relationship with and didn’t stem from either Testament are outright rejected as people who have no interest in the truth.

Also, I suspect that most Catholics are more familiar with Mormanism and JW than with most NRM, so they feel like they have something to converse about. It’s hard to discuss something you have little or no information about.

Scientology, unlike Mormonism, is a neo-gnostic cult that exchanges “knowledge” for money, and founded by a science fiction writer who once joked he could make up a religion and have people believe it.

Even the mythology of Scientology reads like something the gnostic or Manichaeans ones taught.


If you’re referring to this thread, there have been a ton of posters calling Morminism a scam and Joseph Smith a liar. Sounds like they’re throwing his views off to me.

I’m still scratching my head over how Scientology is even a religion? I realize they were classified as such by a court decision so they could get the tax advantages but clueless as to how they won that case!

I suppose it could be loosely called a philosophy or world view but a religion? It flies in the face of every other example of religion, to me.

When it comes to Scientology, I sometimes peruse operation clambake at

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