The coronavirus has mutated and appears to be more contagious now


And I read another story that says the virus had mutated and is weakening.

So who are you supposed to believe?

We will be getting conflicting information for many months.


Probably from a right wing propaganda blog such as brietbart, gateway pundit, etc…

These are not mutually exclusive possibilities. You can end up with variations for which people have stronger or weaker responses. It is not as if instances of the viruses stay in sync and mutate in the same way.

Some of the concerns about the mutation include re-infection of people that have had a variation before and yet another obstacle to achieving herd immunity (if that is even possible for this virus).

Emphasis on the word possibility as this is something still being researched.

Well, the university where the study was done is 10 minutes from where I live.


" All viruses mutate, and the coronavirus is no exception. But there is no compelling evidence yet that it is evolving in a way that has made it more contagious or more deadly.

A preprint study — posted online, but not published in a scientific journal and not yet peer-reviewed — has set the internet afire by suggesting otherwise.

On April 30, a report by a team led by Bette Korber, a biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, claimed to have found a mutation in the coronavirus that arose in Europe in February and then rapidly spread, becoming dominant as the virus was introduced into new countries.

The mutation, they wrote, “is of urgent concern,” because it made the coronavirus more transmissible. Following media coverage, the prospect of a turbocharged strain hopscotching around the world has
But experts in viral evolution are far from convinced. For one thing, there is no new strain: Unlike the flu, the coronavirus so far has not split into clearly distinct forms.

It does mutate, but that’s what viruses do. Just because a mutation becomes more common isn’t proof that it is altering how the virus functions."

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Fake news… When even CNN dismisses it. It’s REALLY Fake!
Some Media is continuing to just try and scare people into submission.

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