The Council of Zamora

Has anyone heard of this council? I came across it in an anti-Catholic book, and I’m trying to find out if it even existed. Can anyone help?

I couldn’t find any reference in Catholic sources. However, I did find a reference to what appears to have been a provincial church council that took place in Zamora in 1313 in the Jewish Virtual Library.

That was all I found also.

1313, Jews were required to wear the badge.

Do you have a link by any chance?

Thank you!!!

“A woman rides the beast” by Fundamentalist Dave Hunt?

It isn’t worth refuting.

99.999% of anti-catholic accusations, including those in Hunt’s books, originate in the book “Roman Catholicism” by Loraine Boettner. Karl Keating refuted every single accusation in “Catholicism and Fundamentalism”.

The answer is in Karl’s book.


I have Keating’s book. I’m just doing it for myself. As I’m going through Hunt’s book, which I realize is a load of garbage, I’m doing research on the topics he’s talking about. I’m also comparing his interpretation of prophecy with David Currie’s in his book Rapture: The End Times Error That Leaves The Bible Behind.

If you want a fairly extensive answer to all this you can get it at these links which I took from the Ask An Apologist forum.

*]The Rapture
*] Without the Rapture, what is Revelation about?
*]Where does “Left Behind” go wrong?
*]The Antichrist
*]Hunting the Whore of Babylon
*]The Whore of Babylon
*]False Profit: Money, Prejudice, and Bad Theology in Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series
Additional study:

*]What Jesus Really Said About The End Of The World

*]Beginning Apologetics 8: What Catholics Believe about the Second Coming, the Rapture, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Indulgences

Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: You’re very welcome.

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