The countries forecast to be the world's largest economies in 2030


The countries forecast to be the world’s largest economies in 2030


Nothing too surprising here. The one exception is that it could very well be that China does not grow as much as they are projecting. It is likely to be the second biggest economy though.


The chart shows Brazil starting off with an economy roughly the same size as Italy’s and growing so fast that, by 2030, it will have overtaken both Britain and France. If that scenario is borne out by events, it will be very good news indeed for all of us here in Brazil. But I don’t think it will happen. At the moment we’re in the worst recession since the 1930s and it’s going to get worse before it starts getting any better.

The safe bet is to go along with what Brazilians say about themselves: “Brazil is the country of the future, and it always will be.”


Lot of assumptions going into those projections that I just don’t see panning out. I’ll honestly be surprised if we see much or any growth in GDP over the next 15 years. The Baby Boomer generation will be mostly retired and will be dying off quickly by then. Japan and Russia will see their populations shrink between now and then. China’s population will have some serious shocks because of their severe disparity between the number of young men and women.

You add all of this, plus the coming debt collapse, will signal HUGE issues for countries and economies to overcome. Again, I’ll be surprised if they can even keep pace.


That is pretty much what we learned in geography class during the 1950’s. It is a shame to see so much potential wasted because of crime and corruption. It is also a warning lesson for the way many things in the US are headed.


Whose paying the $19 trillion dollar debt God help us.
in Christ’s love


By 2030 that debt will be much higher, higher than the GDP. That will be a limit on growth similar to what has happened already in Greece.


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