The country where death is now just a lifestyle choice: A mum with ringing ears. Babies whose parents don't want them to suffer


It defies belief that a Mother would leave her two young teenage children in such a manner.

No doubt the government will consider changing the law, when the children of those ‘killing themselves’ have to cared for by the state and hence are costing the state money. (Extreme sarcasm) :rolleyes:

*Everyone in the Netherlands, where a right-to-die law was passed in 2002, seems to know of someone who has lost a loved one through a mercy killing.
As many as one in 33 people now use euthanasia to end their lives, and the number of cases rose from 1,923 in 2006 to nearly 5,000 in 2013. It is thought that in 2014 around 6,000 people could have chosen to die by this mean

Shockingly, in Holland I also spoke to the family of a 47-year-old woman with tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears, who ended her life last March with the help of an ‘Life End’ clinic.
Gaby Olthuis, a divorcee, was a brilliant clarinet player, but said she suffered ‘24-hour noise’ in her head, ‘like a train screeching or someone scratching their nails on a chalk board’. She explained: ‘I look healthy from the outside, but inside I am being tortured.’
To end her suffering, she was given a lethal potion to drink by one of the clinic’s doctors at her home. Shockingly, she left behind two teenagers, a boy of 13 and girl of 15.*

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The Hippocratic Oath was thrown out the door when abortion was legalized. Everyone is prey now.

Probability shows we are spinning ourselves into extinction.


Praying for the repose of her soul & for the well being of her children.


I’m from the Netherlands, and with this sad news I can only say, it’s sound typical Dutch. It’s cheaper to give someone a pill to die instead of using money to try to save someone, oh dear, what would happen if we make less margins…




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