The Cracker god of Catholicism


Ex-Catholic Ray Kane, not only hates the Catholic Church and her doctrines, but he seems to hate the Eucharist most of all.


One wonders why ignorant Catholic bashers present this garbage on their websites. What is really incredible is that this person totally ignores the testimony of the church fathers and the beliefs of early church history concerning the reality of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. I suppose he feels Ignatius, Justin, Cyprian, Ambrose and so many others were misguided fools. Also notice how this person presents **his interpretation ** of our Lord’s words concerning “this ismy body and this is my blood.”

                                     According to this person everything our Lord said was not to be taken literally, but spiritually. Then I guess there really isn't a literal heaven and hell either. For our Lord spoke about these things to? Catholic bashers are so famous for doing this. They will take Christ literally on some things, but when it doesn't agree with their "pet theology" they will say, "oh no, Jesus was speaking spiritually". They do the same exact thing with being "born again" They claim when Jesus spoke of **water ** in John 3:3-5, he didn't really mean water, but something else. So they deny Christian baptism is the new birth. And they also close their eyes to the written testimony of the early church fathers as well on the subject. It's called "sola interpretation".


Peace be with you!

Those arguments are so poor they’re not even worth responding to. It wouldn’t even be a challenge to disprove every single claim he posts on there. I would actually go as far as to recommend reading James White and William Webster to see how educated anti-Catholics attack the Church. They aren’t right either, of course, but at least they’ve taken the time to actually look at what the Catholic Church really teaches (which is why I’m surprised they’re not Catholic themselves!). Their writings will actually give you a challenge to really research and learn the Truth about your faith.
But people like the guy on this website are just uneducated, ignorant, and uninterested in learning the Truth. They’ve had a bad experience with the Church or read the Bible and seen what it “really teaches” (or so they say)…or they’ve listened to other angry anti-Catholics rant about things they don’t know about. Pray for them.

In Christ,


[quote=Sirach14]Ex-Catholic Ray Kane, not only hates the Catholic Church and her doctrines, but he seems to hate the Eucharist most of all.

I think this man doesnt understand or don’t want to understand the teaching of the church on the Real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.


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