The Cross and Repentance


Hi, my fellow Catholics:)

A question for you.

I do not here much about the cross or repentance in our preaching and teaching. Are we not to call people to repentance and come to the cross for salvation?:confused:


I don’t know what parish you attend, but at my parish we’re constantly told about the need for repentance. At every single Mass, every single Catholic is at the foot of the Cross. Every Eucharist is a continuation of Jesus’ life, Passion, death, and resurrection.

The Sacrament of Confession is about the Cross and Repentance. The Eucharist is about the Cross and Repentance. Almost every single on of Fr. Sherpa’s answers on Ask An Apologist talks about the necessity of meditating on Christ’s Passion (just to name one, easily accessible, example).

I’m not sure how you’re missing all this…?


I guess what it is, is that I have been a catholic for 4 years(convert) and I still think like a protestant, thinking I need to hear it all the time behind the pulpit:o



Think of it this way- you don’t need to hear it from behind the pulpit, because you can see it- in the Tabernacle where Our Lord has graciously condescended to reside, day and night, in every Catholic Church in the world!

And, if you’re more visual, like I am, there’s always the big, humbling reminder of His Sacrifice on the crucifix up front!


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