The Cross That You Personally Carry


Have you ever thought about “ your cross “ that you bare ?
How do you carry - your particular cross ?
It does seem the more spiritually fit - the person is, the cooler they are.

Someone told me we need to nail ourselves on the cross ( he’s not Catholic )
How can you pick up your cross and follow Christ AND be nailed to it too - ?


I do think about my cross(es) but I try not to dwell on them. Others have much heavier crosses than I do.


Every day we carry our cross. I don’t think about it much but I just try to do the Lord’s will.


Where Jesus mentions carrying our cross, he was speaking of enduring persecution for the sake of the gospel. In that sense, you don’t normally have to go looking for crosses to bear. All you have to do is proclaim Christ as our savior and they will come find you.


By being willing to face adversity and oppression. Judgement and ridicule. Imprisonment and death. Because I know this is who I am and I know who I serve… and hopefully when all seems lost and no help is in sight I know he is still watching and I hope to be pleasing to him more than to fellow man or the world


I never heard that it’s about facing adversity - and enduring persecutions !
This is an eye opener for me -
So many people say “ it’s my cross that I must bare “
And it’s sometimes said in a off handed manner -
I can see now how all believers - do - or should - carry the cross - it’s inevitable!


Oh yes, and overtime I’ve come more and more to see that many of my crosses are rooted in my own sins. Loneliness for one thing but then it can be due to envy of other’s company, etc


One of my current crosses is chronic pain. Although I do go some days without experiencing bad pain, the days when I do experience it are more often than not, and they are very frustrating.

Another cross is the feeling of being called to the celibate life. I recognize marriage and children as a good thing. And now that I’m exposed to it more, I’m finding myself desiring it more and more each day. But still I feel called to the celibate life. And that’s somewhat difficult. I have partly found peace with the idea of living a celibate life, but at the same time, I know that it is part of my innate desire to have a husband a children one day.


The Faith (or lack thereof) of those we love.

This seems a particularly difficult cross to bear because it cannot be remedied by God. Free will prevails. Therefore we can pray for help towards conversion, but we cannot pray for conversion.

It’s the one thing God does not have a cure for.


St. Faustina had a vision of souls and some were nailed, and some carried them and the ones that resembled Jesus the most is suffering would be more like Him in His glory. This is consistent with St; Paul’s writing on sufferings.


St. Monica was able to procure her son salvation through her unceasing prayers.


No, I disagree. It is our personal crosses that we bare, sometimes that we created ourselves. Others, like my wife, carry the cross of endless physical pain, pain that just happened to her, but we both go to the same place to deal with it - Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Yes I have, and I thank the Lord that He helps me deal with it as it this point there is nothing I can do about it. To be honest, mine was pretty much of my own making.


One of my crosses seems to be waiting, having to try and wait patiently ,over years and years …and in doing that trying to live in the moment rather than always be looking forward to the future.It can be very challenging accepting and trusting.


I don’t carry my crosses well.
I whine and resist and cry to the heavens.
But then other times I can be very serene about it all.

I’m a work in progress


I have OCD and have never carried my cross well, but I think I’ve just recently accepted that it’s not going to disappear and knowing that we all have our crosses, and Jesus said we WILL have trials and tribulations gives me a sort of comfort. I guess it’s just knowing it’s a guaranteed part of life and that I’m not the only one going through stuff.


This is so relatable.


Everybody is carrying our own cross whether it is burden, fear, doubt, temptation, regrets and etc. We all had to remember that God will carry our cross as well while we are on our journey through life


Tell you what, go back and read through each of the three passages where Jesus talks about carrying our cross, and demonstrate exegetically if Jesus is talking about personal struggles or if he is speaking about suffering for the gospel. I think when you read through what occurred immediately before the quote and the read the passage it’s meaning will be pretty clear.


I definitely feel like this at the moment. I’m not bearing mine well at all…

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