The Crucifixion of the World


I was reading along, minding my own business, for once, when I ran into this in your Catechism:

The mystery of God’s apparent powerlessness (272-278)

I’ll spare the quotes, as it is readily findable.
This reminded me of Romans 8:18-23.

I find a speculative argument, that being that the sufferings of the world, including what we undergo, are part of the redemption of the world, as the power of the crucifixion becomes manifest in the creation, and so it is redeemed. Our Lord, the firstborn, suffered first, and now all things suffer as well, until the time of restoration, and the parousia. Not that the crucifixion of the world is a propiatiatry act but one that follows from the fact that the One who sustains it was crucified, and now it is being crucified, and it will be done away with and remade, sort of like resurrected.


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