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Can anybody give me a brief history on the crusades or even a link. Someone that I know was pestering me about them and I would like some history on it.



Islam was spread by military conquest. It conquered all of North Africa, the Middle East, and all of the once Christian countries around the Mediteranean Sea, Syria, Persia (Iran), Afganistan, Pakistan, Usbekistan, Turkey (Constantinople), Iraq, Libya, Tunesia, Eygpt, Morrocco, and the Muslim areas of India. All that was left unconquered was Western Europe. The Europeans fought to recapture the Holy Lands. They also conquered all of Spain and Portugal. The Spanish fought a civil war for 750 years to drive out the Moors. Islam’s military advance got as far a beseiging Vienna where they lost their army. Their navy was sunk at Lepanto. Those two defeats stopped their expansion. Now they are reawakening and hope again to conquer the world for Allah.


The Crusades were expeditions undertaken, in fulfilment of a solemn vow, to deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan tyranny.

It has been customary to describe the Crusades as eight in number:

the first, 1095-1101;
the second, headed by Louis VII, 1145-47;
the third, conducted by Philip Augustus and Richard Coeur-de-Lion, 1188-92;
the fourth, during which Constantinople was taken, 1204;
the fifth, which included the conquest of Damietta, 1217;
the sixth, in which Frederick II took part (1228-29); also Thibaud de Champagne and Richard of Cornwall (1239);
the seventh, led by St. Louis, 1249-52;
the eighth, also under St. Louis, 1270.



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The Christian Crusades
Since the time of Constantine, Christians had gone on pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Even though Moslems had ruled Jerusalem since 638, Christians were still allowed to visit the city. By the 11th century, however, the situation had changed. Just as the number and frequency of pilgrimages to Jerusalem was at new peaks, the Seljuk Turks took over control of Jerusalem and prevented pilgrimages


It they of the most beautiful events in History.

The muslims pillaged the East, imposing their religion by the sword and desecrating the place where Our Lord Jesus Christ first layed His eyes on Mary and where His Adorable Body was laid to rest after His Passion.

Europe, Catholic, but still plagued with barbarities, was convoked by a holy man, holy in his office and holy in his person.

This was Blessed Urban II. His words were so beautiful.

To those who were the plague of Europe, he extended a call to not fight each other and do wrong, but to fight those who hurt the Church, and in Her mercy, extended an indulgence.

Men left their wives, children, riches, lands and comfort to go on an epic battle for God. They never seen those lands, not easily reached. They rode and walked to do battle so that God is no longer offended.

And so great was this grace that there was a union of the two highest vocations that God has created in both the spiritual and temporal world. The Religious and Military life united under the service of the Pope. There you have the Knights of Santiago, the Templars and so on.

But the story is not over. The last battles left the muslims crippled but still with the Holy Lands in their hands.

But they are back, and the radicals do not even fear death in their hateful quest to destroy the immortal Church.

Who shall defend Her?


Crusade Myths
By Thomas F. Madden

The Real History of the Crusades
By Thomas F. Madden

By Robert P. Lockwood

by James Akin


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