The Culture of Death strikes again!


Watching EWTN’s “The Carpenter’s Workshop” (from Steve Wood, of, I was reminded of my old scouting years as a youth. I decided to look up Boys Life Magazine, to which I for many years subscribed. I ventured a guess and typed and was shocked when my browser loaded a pornographic web site!

 On a second try, I got the correct URL: [www.boyslife.*org*]("").

 How many well-intentioned Scouts must have tried to log-on to the *Boys Life* web site and taken this same wrong turn?  How many were seduced by it and clicked “Enter”?  

Pornography itself is a problem rampant in the world… but it’s a particularly egregious and scathing wrong when it targets the youth in this way. For shame!!


How many well-intentioned Scouts must have tried to log-on to the Boys Life web site and taken this same wrong turn? How many were seduced by it and clicked “Enter”?


That is why I advocate the idea of creating the domain name name “.xxx” and require all pornographic sites to be hosted in that domain. It will allow the pornographers to publish their smut thereby maintaining their “rights” to do so. More importantly it will make it easier for parents to block that content and prevent to pornographers from luring people in.

I don’t have as much a problem with publishing the content as long as they aren’t pushing it on kids. If people want to sin they will. But we should be able to set standards for where it can be published.

Put it were it is obvious what is being viewed. Let me block it from my house.


It is scary what search engines will pull up with a title match.

I actually had an employee once, in a previous job. This was a very decent man, a good father who was involved in an organization, something called “Daddys and Daughters” or something. He obtained permission from the supervisor on that night to use his password to access the internet to look for the website.

He typed in the name, thinking it to be the likely URL…but nope! It pulled up a pornographic website…you can imagine the content (but not too much! ) :eek:

You can try search engines that actually search content a few pages deep. I’d recommend:


Good question.
It is a sick world we live in. Parents have a difficult task…no thanks to the sleazy world of pornography.


I agree! I can remember when we first got the internet and I was a Girl Scout leader so I put “Girl Scout” in the search engine and I was sooo shocked! Not a single “hit” for the organization or others posting web pages for this organization! I got all kinds of website for “men scouting for girls”. Yuck.

I later discovered the .org classification and realized that if I used Girl Scouts full name I would find good things. For any of you who are still in Girl Scouts, first, God Bless you for trying to keep it pure like it used to be but remember if you are taking your girls on the web to use GSUSA or Girl Scouts of the United States of America and you will then be able to access your own Council (at least you used to be able to).

Brenda V.


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