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I have been looking into the Cursillo Movement for my own curiosity. I have not attended one of these retreats but have just researched a bit on them. To me it sounds a bit “liberal”. One of those things that can begin as a very good thing, but at the same time, be very easily spun to confuse. When ever I see the “rainbow colors” I become concerned. This sounds like it was something great in the beginning, but as it has become widespread throughout the years, it has been manipulated to be something else. Something “diverse”. Taking the true meaning of Catholicism to another perspective. Steering people away from the sacredness of it all, and directing them towards a more liberal, perhaps protestant style of worship.

This is my own opinion/observance. A huge red flag goes up after what I have researched.



I attended a Cursillo years ago which was in no way a retreat. In fact it is quite the opposite, because we did quite a bit of inter-relating with each other on spiritual subjects.

It was not designed to train us for anything. The only purpose it had was to help us appreciate the faith we already had and to share it with others. In other words, it was to deepen our spiritual life especially with regard to the Holy Spirit. (Nothing about the gift of tongues)

It was one of the most impressive events I have ever attended and moved me to the depths of my soul. Afterwards, I felt the Holy Spirit alive in me as I never had before. I almost felt intoxicated with God’s presence.

The whole program has a certain set routine that must be followed. This includes the prayers and songs and format of events. This is not deviated from even for feast days.

I cannot say what songs or instruments are selected for every cursillo, but for ours it was the usual.

I would only say one thing about it…do it. I was so happy that I did and I can only wish you the same.



DeColores–The Colors of the Rainbow.
Remember that the Rainbow is the sign of the Covenant that God gave to Noah after the Great Flood as mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Nothing “liberal” about that.
Each color has its own significance.
Green=new life, growth, and God’s beauty that surrounds us. It symbolizes the ordinary times of the Church year.
Blue= loyalty, our commitment to God and His people. Truth, justice and the waters of our Baptism.
Purple=dying and rising again along with the sufferings of Christ.
Yellow & Orange= warmth, life, promise reminding us of the love of God’s Son in our lives, the light of a candle, and the rays of the sun, and the changing seasons.
Red=Celebration, joy & Confirmation, Symbolizing feast days within the Church, Christmas Day & Pentecost.

Those who complete a Cursillo weekend are called to continued Piety, Study, and Action.In other words, we are called to prayer, to continue to learn more about our Faith, and to share our Faith through the life that we live.



I’m assuming a well run cursillo can be good. BUT I can attest to the fact that a poorly run one is horrid and can do major damage to a human being.

I give a couple of lines of advice…

NEVER go anywhere for a retreat without your own vehicle. Ever. It can lead to big problems if you need to leave for some reason.

NEVER EVER trust another human being to let you know when it’s time to take your medications. If you have to take something at a specific time, you will need to let them know that you will need to have your watch with you.

NEVER believe that they will supply you with any special foods you might need for your health. It won’t happen and you will end up hungry and if you are diabetic it could be a really bad problem. If you need to eat at certain times of the day (such as a diabetic might) you will need to let them know that as well. You will need to bring microwavable meals and keep your watch with you.

If you hear: “we can’t tell you that, you have to experience it for yourself, it’s wonderful and you will love it.” RUN, and RUN FAST the other way. There is nothing that they can’t at least give you an outline of. No excuse for the “you have to experience it for yourself,” that’s NOT TRUE.

As I said, I think cursillo’s might have the potential to be good, but they also have the potential to really hurt people. It changed my life, but not for the better by a long shot.

Good luck.


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