The Daily Beast: Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along?

Same-sex marriage is becoming a national inevitability. A cascade of court opinions, significant public support, not to mention increasingly sympathetic gay couples and increasingly implausible opposition—all these and more point to an emerging national consensus that “gay marriage” is actually a form of “marriage.” It’s not exactly clear when the hump took place—but we definitely seem to be over it.

Which leads to a perfectly logical question: What’s next?

The article doesn’t get much better, but I wanted to highlight one particular part:

At the same time, there is some truth to the conservative claim that gay marriage is changing, not just expanding, marriage. ** According to a 2013 study, about half of gay marriages surveyed (admittedly, the study was conducted in San Francisco) were not strictly monogamous.

This fact is well-known in the gay community—indeed, we assume it’s more like three-quarters. But it’s been fascinating to see how my straight friends react to it.** Some feel they’ve been duped: They were fighting for marriage equality, not marriage redefinition. Others feel downright envious, as if gays are getting a better deal, one that wouldn’t work for straight couples. Maybe they’re right; women are from Venus, after all. Right?

Frankly, I stopped reading the article after this point. It is garbage. But this does give a new perspective on what “gay marriage” actually IS. It’s not even two men or women entering into an exclusive relationship. It’s a bloody sham.

They are, indeed, trying to redefine marriage.

Estimates of the incidence of male infidelity in marriage dating back to the 1970’s have been in the 30-60% range. Not saying that’s right, just an observation.

Of course they are trying to redefine marriage. “Gay marriage” is a redefinition of true marriage.

That said, “gay marriage” will have horrendous effects on our culture and society in the long run just the same as contraception and sterilization have done as Venerable Pope Paul VI predicted. Already our religious freedom is under attack from the homosexual agenda. One can’t even operate a bakery without being forced to disobey one’s conscience and provide a cake for a “gay wedding” anymore. :(:mad:

There is a cultural vacuum growing in the US and Europe, and vacuums look to be filled. This vacuum could be filled by Christianity, but that religion is too weak at this point in time. Look for that vacuum to be filled by Islam. I wonder what is the Islamic view of gay marriage? I think it has something to do with the head.

Yeah I would say that in Europe, at least, Islam is going to become the majority religion pretty soon. That said, I fear for Europe. If Europe goes under Islamic Shariah Law, then Christians are bound to be oppressed.

You’re right, I couldn’t finish it either. This is as far as I made it:

If you think about it, actual monogamy has never been the Western norm. A monogamous ideal, sure—but men could always sleep around, hire prostitutes, and even have long-term affairs with few societal consequences. After all, it’s not single men who’ve made prostitution the world’s oldest profession.

The difference between the “Western norm” and what he is talking about in the gay community is that traditionally when men misbehaved, they knew they were misbehaving. They didn’t try and make it seem like adultry is okay.

Very good point:thumbsup:

I for one would like to see the actual evidence of these estimates. first, that is a huge range and secondly, up to 60% of husbands have engaged in infidelity? That doesn’t pass the smell test to me.

Here’s where I started.

I agree, it’s a pretty high number. The incidence of divorce is also high.

thank you - article says 20 to 50% of wives as well. I will follow the sources and see what evidence was used.

I don’t think you can really condemn an international campaign (or agenda or whatever) based on one study. Though I agree that gays are very promiscuous and that most probably don’t want to get married.

I really don’t think that most gays desire marriage. They are not clamoring for ‘marriage’ because they wish to be in a lifelong exclusive union with the one they love, marked by fidelity and permanence. No, I think they desire the term ‘marriage’ because it implies a moral equivalence between gay sex and marital sex—an equivalence that will never exist.

Umm, ya’ll do know that there are an awful lot of non-monogamous by agreement heterosexual marriages, right? Gay marriage isn’t changing the definition of marriage in that way because we heteros did that many, many years ago.

Yes, I agree, and it was only when heterosexuals changed the essential meaning of marriage that gays decided it was something they could live with. A noteworthy starting marker for the change was the change in Protestant moral theology regarding contraception, which up till 1930 was exactly the same as the Catholic teaching, among all denominations. The change was furthered by the widespread rejection of Humanae Vitae among Catholics. Protestants who accepted contraception along with Catholics who rejected Humanae Vitae essentially guaranteed the arrival of gay marriage.

P.S. Those “non-monogamous by agreement heterosexual marriages,” are what is known as null marriages in the marriage tribunals.

For some people, adultery is ok. Remember, not only those who are practicing a conservative Christian religion can marry.

Individuals have long since decided they are free to define their marriages how they wish including if they are going to ever be parents and if they are going to be monogamous right up to if they will live in the same house. Wives of cheating men have been known to turn a blind eye which is acceptance of infidelity. Husbands, too, come to think of it. Couples sometimes agree that they want out but will stay together to raise their kids, so they agree to see other people discreetly. Sometimes illness or injury prevents a spouse from being able to have sex so the spouse allows their husband/wife to have sex with other people. Some are alternative together in various sized groups. Others polyamorous.

I could go on, but the point is that not everyone has a problem with adultery. National swingers convention attendance attests to that!

It is my understanding that the numbers in the divorce statistics are skewed due to the fact that so many divorces are among people who have divorced more than once. The great majority of married people stay married.

The adultery statistics might suffer from the same flaw, with the same people being counted multiple times.


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