"The Dancing Priest"---too funny!


OK y’all remember the video posted here that had gone VIRAL all over the internet of the Priests dancing and celebrating after their ordination in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. They were dancing to “Shout”.

Well my SIL went to the nearby town (where one of these Priests is doing his 3 year first parish “training” at the Catholic Church there). She was at the Catholic Store that we all go to when we need Catholic items and such. Well while she was there, in walks 2 Priests. She looked at them and told one “I RECOGNIZE YOU, you’re the dancing Priest.” She said he grinned and said. something like Oh yes that was me. I thought SMALL WORLD! I’m sure that was kind of funny for him to be referred to as “The Dancing Priest”. MY SIL got a good laugh out of it and I did too.

I was wondering when any of us would run into him in the nearby town.


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