The Danger of The Broken Man

Yuuki Terumi (Blazblue), The Joker (Batman), Adolf Hitler, Vlad The Impaler, 2 fictional, 2 historical, what makes them so similar besides the obvious fact they are nihilistic madmen? Its what made them that way. They were all broken men whom no one came to their aid in their time of need, their neglect of love and comfort made them lick their own wounds, which festered and fell to the infectious virus known as Nihilism, The Devil’s ultimate tool of temptation, thats why the Broken Man is the most dangerous and unpredictable, if they are not comforted, and denied love and compassion, they will become the villains we know in fact and fiction today, when you see a broken man, come to his aid, assist him, comfort him, do what you can, it is the only way, to break the cycle

Vlad III wasn’t a nihilist, he wasn’t even necessarily a bad guy

How do you know that no one came to their aid?

perhaps, bad men are just bad men.

Free will being what it is and all.:shrug:

yeah I know thats a possibility too, but thats one of the devil’s favorite people to tempt, broken ones

Really? How do you know that?

I would think the broken ones are just the ones who may have fallen to the temptation. Personally I think the favorite people for the devil to tempt are the righteous.

You seem to be taking a position here that I am not sure I agree with.

well its a bit of personal reasons, some bad folks who were part of some cult used to be in my neighborhood before had some tragedies happen to them then the cult tried to “comfort” them, but your right, Righteous are another group to tempt, especially tempting to twist beliefs

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