The dangers of a pornified technological society

I posted this on my facebook page and in my blog this morning. It’s my reaction to current events, my rant and sadness. It’s something to think about. I spent a couple hours writing this so to those of you who take the time to read this… a big thanks. I wish that the material were of a happier nature. Please pray for all the lonely troubled souls in the world today.

21st century culture and society has become cruel and deadly playground ground for America’s children. It has become a culture of sex and death without conscience or remorse. Beyond the obvious evils of abortion which I have spent a great deal of my time these past 6 years working to expose, I have now seen something which my sense of injustice cannot let go, the death of little Hope Witsell, a 13 year old girl who died this past September 12, 2009. To begin, I believe we have become numb to a culture which has made pornographic every aspect our everyday existance. Images of the scantily clad human body, the lust filled angst of musical lyrics, voyeuristic reality television, and the exploitation of human sexuality, has become a booming industry. No longer the world of plain doored stores that once sold adult entertainment the pornography and adult entertainment world has exploded into every day life with the internet and now with the ubiquitous cell phone that no teen lives without. For adults like myself, the technologies themselves are a relatively new thing. They can seem foreign at times and their possibilities relatively unexplored. It’s a generational difference we take for granted.

For Hope Witsell and millions of other Americans in their early teens, we as adults must remember that there was never a time in their lives when these technologies did not exist. For Hope Witsell, whose life ended in pain, embarrassment, rejection and isolation, the world had only existed for her brief 13 years on earth. And now we who built and own this technological and cultural monstrosity are paying for the price of its creation with the deaths of impressionable and innocent children. Where else but in our society does a child conceive of the idea to send images of her bare breasts to a boy who she liked, only to have others share those images on the internet in webpages? Children do not devise these behaviors of their own imagination. They are bred into them by the adults who run this world. This horrible decision led to subsequent weeks and months of name calling and intimidation by fellow children for the intended purpse of further injuring this little girl. Lest we dismiss or marginalize bullying we should recall that names and words can either wound or heal as they are the very way in which we give name to our most profound thoughts both good and evil. Words mean things.

Hope’s last words in her journal were the following: “I’m done for sure now. I can feel it in my stomach. I’m going to try and strangle myself. I hope it works.” It did work. Hope’s mother entered her bedroom sometime later the night of September 12, 2009 to find her daughters body hanging by a scarf from the corner of her own bed. A nightmare for any parent, for any human person, beyond description. Hope was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. My only sense of disbelief is that stories like this do not shock myself and others as they properly should. How many of these stories have we heard of or read about? Evil and cruelty are no longer things hidden in dark shadows in unsavory places. In fact these human injustices stand proudly in the broad light of day, in print, on the radio and running across the banners of 24 hour news services while society tries to diagnose, rationalize and cope. For the most part, we as strangers simply move on to conclude with the details that immediately concern ourselves. Our sense of society and fellow man, our ability to be compassionate and to suffer with our neighbor has been lost while news cycles simply become odd forms of entertainment.


We have become to accustomed to the objectification of sexuality and human persons so that we no longer recognize the unique and unrepeatable dignity of every single human life. Even death does not move us beyond the every day doldrums that define us. We find explanations for deaths rather than become outraged by them. We blame obvious and conspicuous causes. We medicalize choices and wax upon philosophical pathologies. The death of this human life however is not an islolated event. This little girl is neither a statistic or a symptom. She is a victim and casualty of a larger culture of death whose first casualty is innosense and human dignity. She was murdered by a shallow and distorted process of inhumane thinking. The death of this little girl should serve as an indictment of our entire culture and society. It's testimony to how technology and immorality can work together in a godless world to destroy all that is good and how that world has been not only indifferent but complicent in creating this toxic environment. Parents buy these devices for their children, they are marketed to children by advertising and the companies that manufacture them become wealthy beyond imagination.

What price are we paying though for this marriage of technology, pornography and culture? What price do we pay for the personal blindness that says that things are not becoming worse and that it simply our perspectives and reactions to current events that are changing? How have we come to raise children who become monsters inflicting pain to such a degree that their victims choose their own death as an escape from their own young lives? Childhood has always been a battleground for bullies but now we have broadened the destructive possibilities exponentially through technological excess and immoral indifference. I hope that the time for authentic righteous indignation and justifiable anger has not passed. I hope the time to raise proper awareness has not passed. We must become a culture of faith, life and respect or we will become as we are, a culture of death. We will become a dead culture and dead people, dead in our hearts, dead in our minds. Progess , tolerance and indifference must not become the processes by which the light of humanity is slowly extinguished, one dead child at a time. A world, a nation and a mind that is not of the mind of God, is one that cannot long survive. Remember.

**God Bless you!

Pray for little Hope Witsell & all those harmed by evil!

We all must never give up & we must fight this insipid evil every day, at every opportunity!

The Good News is that Jesus has already won the war, we are called simply to fight for the most innocent & defenseless among us, no matter what the cost to us personally!

All of the once great societies died off rapidly once they allowed evil to rule!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus, Nunc Et In Hora Mortis Nostrae!


Amen, WP, amen. :sad_yes:

The answer is simple. Do not participate. Human beings do not need several electronic devices to live. My TV is gone. I have a cell phone that’s a phone, with no camera or other upgrades. Television is mostly a waste of time. Spend a little time with God every day.

Find a Catholic radio station on your car radio or one on the internet.

Thank you for posting this. If just one life, one soul, is saved, it’s more than worth it.

God bless,

These children are someone's children and more importantly, they are God's children. I can turn off my TV, I'll miss the Yankees but someone will still be watching trash somewhere. I don't own a cell phone, but children somewhere will be using them and abusing them. I can turn off the internet, but people will still be exploited by the internet. It's not enough simply to close my eyes. It reminds me of the pro-abortion mantra, "If you don't like abortion then don't have one." My perspective doesn't change the world. The world's can change mine though, whether I want it to or not. This isn't after all about persoanlly effects me, it's about doing what is the right thing.

Hi woodland poet,
An excellent post and thank you for posting it.You have articulated the problem, the challege, facing us all.
Pope John Paul II said we must change these makers of the “culture of death” from the inside. We must seek them out and never give up the fight.
Here in Ireland, there are a number of people who are doing just that. The resistance, indeed the hatred, is great; but we will not give in.
May I wish you continued success in your good fight. Do not be downhearted. Although many people will not readily admit it, they really are looking for a way back to Him.
God Bless,

I think that people in the United States are starting to notice, but I wonder for how long will they notice? Headlines quickly change and people think about other things and forget about what their kids are doing. I wonder about the wisdom of allowing kids to even own something like a cell phone given that there is so much one can do with a phone now. And the internet... people need to remember that kids can hide what they do online from their parents just as easily as they can hide themselves from predators. But how do kids hide themselves from some of the most dangerous people online... their friends and classmates in school.

preach the Gospel “Always and Everywhere”, Thank you for your post, God Bless

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