The dangers of dabbling in the Occult, New Age, and NeoPaganism

I have decided to start this thread about the danger of dabbling in the Occult, New Age, and NeoPaganism. I feel that it is important to have a thread of this nature so as to warn those who either are already dabbling in such things or who are considering dabbling in such things.

That said, the Occult, New Age, and NeoPaganism paths are very dangerous spiritually. Dabbling in such paths is not only a grave sin but it can lead to issues with demons. Indeed, there have been people in the past who have become demonically possessed because of dabbling in such things. Here are some links to read further about this:

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I do know a little about the New Age. Seems it had infiltration into our local Diocese. Took years to clean it up! I saw many grown people angered to tears - the heartbreak was awful. One of the biggest new agers in the Church at the time was Fr. Matthew Fox whom Cardinal Ratzinger after reviewing Fox’s material, silenced for a year then canned altogether. Contributing to Fox’s defrocking from the Church was book “Original Blessing” to name one of his promotions of panentheism - if I’m correct he altered pantheism to panentheism.

New Age originates from the 2 big lies from the garden (ol’ hairy legs himself) in Genesis “thou shalt not surely die” & thou shalt be as gods". These 2 big lies keep coming back with different window dressing & still work. Why change your M.O. if the lies still work.

A consideration: name a denomination that believes they shall be as gods?

The founder of the New Age Movement is Helena Petrovna Blavatsky of “The Theosophical Society” and Alice K. Bailey who followed in her footsteps. In late 1800’s Blavatsky received automatic writings & later Bailey. THE best book on this subject in my opinion is Constance Cumbey’s “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” hard to find but Cumbey put the whole thing together & went out & exposed this LONG before anyone else. (I give her credit for the info in this reply)

Hitler was a devote of Blavatsky after he got kicked out of art school in Vienna. Apparently at Nurenberg Trials, the german generals were asked why, how did they come up with this evil plan? Their reply was essentially “the masters (demons) made us do it.”

New age has crept into every aspect of our society - no doubt about it. I’ve studied this for nearly 30 years and thankfully Our Lord is still working on uprighting that Diocese; they now have an exceptional Bishop. It’s taken years to clear away the dead wood & it’s certainly NOT PERFECT but doing much better, thank you!

For more reading on the New Age: Fr Mtch Pacwa & Johnette Benkovic have authored books. Great resources @ & & Women of Grace.

Reiki, yoga disastrous also.

Excellent sources.

We are definitely in a spiritual battle. So many young people are turning away from God and latching onto different forms of Paganism.

The New Age practices are entering Churches of nearly every faith. I’ve heard about Episcopal Churches entertaining New Age practices, though it’s hard to believe considering my Parish is so orthodox.

Many people view posts here during Internet searches. I hope thousands will find their way to this thread and the links you posted.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy,

There are no dangers, aside from wasting your time and money on a bunch of nonsense and doing a bunch of goofy things like wearing crystals, lighting candles, calling yourself something ridiculous like “Raven MoonShadow.”

I know it’s fun to pretend that there’s a “spiritual war” going on and that you’re on the “good guy side,” but there’s not.

And the thurth is some place in the middle. :tiphat:

Those darn pagans, again! They are seriously to blame for EVERYTHING!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sharon Lee Giganti has a series on the NAM on the radio section of Her latest was on May 21. You can listen to it here There are others; you will have to check the prior months.

You know the people living near the concentration camp of Aushwitz acted the same way… and look how that turned out.

There IS a war and its claiming many victims as we type.

Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life addresses the New Age…quite well…

The reality of evil has become more apparent as we move foward in time. The Catholic teaching in this area through time has remained consistant and has been a constant in the battle. In this day and age I see no rational reason to deny the spiritual realm, its become very obvious and I believe one would have to be in denial to reject its reality today which seems to be exposed more and more daily.

There is but one name that saves, Jesus, and those who carry this battle foward for Him are known for their intercession. This has become self evident.

This is true, and what is sad, that are new age for old ways of breaking the first commandment of God.

I am the Lord your God, you shall have any gods before me.

Anytime you go outside of God you are in trouble. It all leads to the devil, the maker of false promises.

Delete reality if you choose…

The greatest deception that Satan has attempted to perpetrate on humanity is that he doesnt exist.

Well, as a catholic turned Neo-Pagan and a practitioner of the occult i can say there is some dangerouse stuff out there for shur, but also very helpfull stuff. I can attempt to answer any questions people have.

I tried that already, about…four times now? (See all my “Ask a Pagan” threads.) Sadly, some stereotypes and misconceptions still persist, but one person can only do so much.

Indeed, it’s sad but we are only human after all. I’ve heard the devil worship lines so much they make me chuckle, but it definitely gives people a sense of superiority when they hear it. In my experience Christians “discussing the occult” equates to them ranting and raving about the dangers and busting out those inflated “pagan comes to Christ” story’s. Even if Christianity is dead set against it, you would think people would want atleast a basic knowledge of the stuff. Atleast to understand whats out there. (although I guess if anything beyond god is evil than all you need to know is throw some holy water at it)

(although I guess if anything beyond god is evil than all you need to know is throw some holy water at it)

Is that not this line ironic insomuch as you claim others are intolerant towards you en masse but then post this?

Not only was that a sarcastic comment, it is actualy true for some people. In addition holy water is one of the most common tools for combating demons and other spirits. In no way was this line any more intolerant than this previouse sarcastic post:

EbonyKawai was been tongue in cheek of course. You would seem to be back pedalling at a furious rate of knots now.

I beleave I used the word “Not” once, which is “not” exactly a furious pace. unless of course you are reffuring to the patterns tied in ropes or the nautical measurement of speed in which case this would have nothing to do with my post :P. You are trying to make something out of nothing as neither the Christians nor pagans on here have said anything combative yet (and hopefully won’t).

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