The dark side of chocolate

This Christmas people around the world will be filling stockings, wrapping up and feasting on chocolate.

As one of the cheapest and most readily available luxuries, chocolate companies use high quality ingredients including coercion, force, exploitation and violence to make annual profits of over $10 billion in the USA alone.

The world’s largest exporter and producer of cocoa is Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa where over a third of the world’s chocolate originates from.

It is in Cote D’Ivoire, surrounded by mass unemployment, consequences of civil war, poverty and unstable global markets that parents with malnourished children, children left homeless or orphans from war are tricked or forced into a murky world of exploitation and enslavement on cocoa plantations. And it is within this hidden environment of trafficked child laborers that our luxury pleasures are born.

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Probably 90% of the world’s oil comes from totalitarian countries.

Are we to give up buying oil and gasoline?

Our own government REFUSES to allow the United States to produce enough oil and natural gas and nuclear energy and coal to be energy independent or to provide an alternate supply for other countries.

Copper comes from … other authoritarian and totalitarian countries.

Ditto many other commodities.

Not to mention our clothing that comes from “sweat shops” and other places that employ underage workers, or pays less than is required to stay clothed, fed, and sheltered.

Is there any type of chocolate that comes from a “good” source? Is there a chocolate equivalent of fair-trade coffee?

Actually, the U.S. does export crude oil and natural gas.

Yes. Here’s a link to one “fair-trade chocolate”–“Divine Chocolate”.

yes there is.

glad this topic came up. we should make a point to buy fair trade whenever we can. Catholic relief services partners with SERRV (they make the divine chocolate posted above) and equal exchange. links to all kinds of goodies can be found here.

SERRV in particular has a great site for handmade crafts and shows the who, where and how the crafts are made. kicking myself for not posting this before Christmas.

a friendly suggestion that before we buy more disposable plastic junk from china, we browse through their products first.


My RSV-2CE Bible was printed…in China.

My new GE washer (still rated high by Consumers Reports) was made in …China.

I bought a new 16 guage steel security door for my house and discovered it was made …in China.

I thought this thread was on the other problems with chocolate…I am medically sensitive to the caffeine and its metabolic by-products. One Hershey kiss and I will be up all night, sleepless. That’s sensitivity.

It also raises diastolic blood pressure, not a good feeling in my head. whoosh, whoosh goes the blood. The pressure goes up and I almost pass out from it, from some reason. I passed out from drinking a bottle of Coke, when I was 14.

Another reason to feel guilty… Mea culpa, mea culpa. Hello my name is ___ and I am a chocoholic. :o

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