The Dark Tower - Stephen's Opus

Anyone read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King? It’s my all time favorite series, very deep and very insightful.

Just read in EW magazine that They are working on a series of movies for it. I am so excited, I just can’t wait! It will be years obviously, but I know it will be worth it, at least I hope it comes close to the quality and faithfulness of LOTR.
That would satisfy me.

Those of you who have read it, what are your thoughts on the books?
What are your thoughts on the movie possibility? who would you cast as Roland, Eddie, Suzanna, Jake etc…

My ex was reading the series but got frustrated that it was taking so long for them to come out. He absolutely LOVED them!!! I started reading the first one and really enjoyed it, but got off track with it somehow. I think it would make a great movie series.


LOVED IT! until I got to the end of the last and read the “optional” ending. For those of you who are reading it, DON’T DO IT!!

**Spoiler talk **
It really ticked me off! It was a total cop-out and a poor excuse. I would’ve been embarrased to end something that grand in that way.

With that said, BEFORE I got to the end, I always wondered about a movie - why they didn’t do it. Because it’s so epic.

I know they have a comic book right now on it. In the past I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy it, but I’m STILL ticked off at King and don’t want to put another penny in his pocket.

Actually I thought the ending was very much like Stephen King.

You can’t ahve an epic like that end, it needs to continue on and on and on with infinite possibilities.

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