the DaVinci code / DaVinciHoax

Do you have any information on this distorted book?
I have heard so many things about this book. How can
any one think these things can be true

[quote=janice zanone]Do you have any information on this distorted book?
I have heard so many things about this book. How can
any one think these things can be true

Um…you need a little context in your question. Do you mean the “DaVinci Code” is the distorted book or the “DaVinci Hoax”?

If you mean the former, yes, it is distorted in the extreme and Dan Brown’s so-called “resources” have been discredited by Athiest, Protestant, and Catholic scholars alike. He has an adjenda which he stated very publicly…for people to question the very roots of what they believe. His goal was to cause questions where there were none before.

It is a book full of lies sold as truth. His sources are questionable…he cites “the Louvere” but never names anyone who assisted in his so-called “research”. He very likely was there to look at the paintings, however some locations in which he allegedly visited are geographically incorrect in his book. There were many many issues with his poorly written book.

Regarding the latter, “The DaVinci Hoax”, it was well researched, refuted the issues in Dan Brown’s book and candidly discussed several topics. It was difficult to get through in some places, but it was very informative and a good outline of part of Church history.

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The author of “The Da Vinci Hoax,” Carl Olsen, also has a website which contains many of his articles that rebut the DVC.

Here’s the link:

I recently read the DaVinci Hoax. It is a thourough literary analysis of an entirely non-thorough novel. It is not exacly an easy read since it make extensive use of footnotes and exceprts from numerous other materials, but was well worth the effort. After completeing the Davinci Hoax, I borrowed a friends copy of the “Code” and spent a couple of evenings browsing and researching some of the key points make in the Hoax. I was very surprised to see that the “Code” made even more numerous and extreme claims than the “Hoax” had pinned on it. I was specifically shocked at the mis-representation of the good people of Opus Dei - a group whome I credit largly with giving this lukewarm baby-boomer cradle-catholic his first taste of the true fullness of the faith.When the “Code” becomes a main-stream movie, I think we are going to see widespread anti-Catholicism which the usual civil-liberties folks will turn a blind eye to. I am making it my personal crusade to combat the claims of Dan Brown’s book at every water cooler, PTA meeting, and soccer game. I will never let a casual recommendation of “it’s a page-turner”, or “it’s just a novel” go unanswered again.

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