The Davinci Code HOAX


By a little research and even less knowledge of the facts, Dan Brown’s book can be completely dismantled . Not a single strand stands apart from the date of publication. Yet despite this, why do so many people still believe it?:eek:


I know its true. J K Rowling told me so.:smiley:


A religious cult has grown from it, which is every bit as militant as authodox Christianity. Their quasi-New Age movement is very keen that folk should believe in Jesus Christ. In that sense they are Christian. But in the context of what we know Christianity to be, they are a quasi-New Age Religious Movement.

Seeings they reject His Divinity, are not inspired by the Holy Spirit, my guess is they will last for a very short while and perish. What’s YOUR view?


Hi Sixtus, :wink:

As you state, we all know that heresies are destined to failure and defeat sooner or later. However, what these new Arian-Gnostics seem to be concerned with at the moment is only reaching their dreams of libeling the Holy Scripture, undermining the tradition so as to get rid of the barriers blocking the way to heretic interpretations, and gaining popularity through spurious scandals of various kinds: sex, royal and ecclesiastical authority, early Christian history, etc. It is a pity that most people need this hoax to take revenge from Christ’s church, which they hate without cause as they hate our Christ.


It is true that the path of venus through the night sky resembles a five sided star.


How do we know it’s not a pentagon instead? Hey! Maybe the US government is behind this whole thing!!!???:smiley:

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