The day after - now what, dear Lord?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday was the beautiful Solemnity of the Annunciation/ Incarnation, and hopefully many consecrated or re-consecrated themselves to Jesus through Mary. Some, prepared themselves with a 33 day program written by St. Louis Marie De Montfort in his treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

So, on this “day after” praying the Act of Consecration for the first time, or renewing that consecration after many times, I ask: “What now, dear Lord?”

How can I live the words I spoke from my heart to Your Heart and to Mary’s Heart? What is Your will for me this day? I’m mindful of Your Words in Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians: “…this is the will of God, your sanctification…”

Having listened to the Mass Readings for today, I’m typing this for anyone who may want to hear more from You.

If we are to become holy it can only be because of Your Grace coming to us, through Mary, dear Lord. Whether persons realize what the Church teaches or not, Your Truth has been revealed to us. If we want to be holy we need continually to pray for Your Grace to keep Listening to all Jesus said and did and ponder ALL in our hearts.

By your Grace, let us begin this day, listening to Your Word as Mary did, as St. Louis de Montfort did, and all the saints have listened to learn how to be holy as You are Holy.

Today’s Gospel is too long to include in this post, but I encourage everyone to read [John 5: 31 -47] in Today’s Mass Readings ( Jesus is speaking to the Jews who have not listened, but rather have rejected Him. In verses 41 - 47 He says:

…“I do not accept human praise;
moreover, I know that you do not have the love of God in you.
I came in the name of my Father,
but you do not accept me;
yet if another comes in his own name,
you will accept him.
How can you believe, when you accept praise from one another
and do not seek the praise that comes from the only God?.."

The bottom line for me today, is to live, remaining in Jesus, listening to Him today and continuing as Mary our Mother, St. Louis and all the saints show us – doing the Truth humbly, seeking praise only from God.


Dear Stephie,

Thanks for your “ever-faithful heart”. I’m continuing to pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me as He guided our Mother Mary in her life with Jesus – one moment at a time, trusting in God’s Love.

May we who consecrated ourselves yesterday on the Feast of the Annunciation/Incarnation offer Praise and Thanksgiving to God through Mary for such graces as we have asked for and received.

How Good God is! Let us ask His Mercy on all, that He forgive us our sins and lead us onward from renewing our Baptismal promises to the holiness He intended for us in our creation. Totus Tuus!


The day after is the Gathering of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, in the East at least…
It has now passed…
Yet the Archangel is still very much alive.
Dear Maria Christi your words here have been soothing to me, from our Lord, at a time of great struggle and testing for me. I strongly wish the Archangel Gabriel brings to you whatever message you need from our Lord that will bring to you a deep a fruitful Lent.
Let not the sorrow of the day rest upon you during the night as well…
Peace with God and with ourselves (sometimes we need it)…

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Dear Mary,

Thanks so much for your reply, Yes, the Archangel Gabriel is still very much alive, and I’m grateful for all the Angels who remained faithful, especially my Guardian Angel.

How Good God is in soothing your heart at a time of great struggle for you. My husband and I pray every morning for all those for whom we’ve promised to pray or “should pray” – so I trust you’ve been in our prayers, and will remain in them.

This has been a difficult Lent for all of us since the Covid -19 struck, but It has also brought us many opportunities to grow closer to God. He works all things unto good for those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose. (cf Rom 8:28).

From the beginning of this virus, and the warnings here in the USA for us especially who are most vulnerable, I’ve felt it was a time for more prayer, and time to worship the Lord through Mary in the “Temple of the Holy Spirit” within us from our Baptism. I continue to believe that we all need to turn to God, repent for our sins and the sins of the whole world. We need to pray the Rosary especially, including the Fatima Prayer:

"O my Jesus, pardon us and save us from the fires of hell. Draw ALL souls to heaven, especially those in most need of God’s Mercy. "

By God’s Grace, let us be mindful of Jesus’ words the night before He died:

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

Through Mary, with Mary, in Mary and for Mary, let us remain in Him!
Totus Tuus

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Dear patricius,

Thanks for your “ever faithful heart” as well! Yesterday (mar. 27) I returned to St. Louis De Montfort’s book, “The Love of Eternal Wisdom” and was blessed again in reading some paragraphs from Chapter 17. I was most blessed in pondering these words from paragraph 214:

  1. … it is futile for us to compliment ourselves on being the children of God and disciples of Wisdom, if we are not children of Mary;
  2. … to be numbered among the elect we must have a loving and sincere devotion to our Lady, so that she may dwell in us and plant the roots of her virtues in us;
  3. Mary must beget us in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in us, nurturing us towards the perfection and the fulness of his age (Eph 4.13), so that she may say more truthfully than St. Paul, “My dear children, I am in travail over you afresh until Jesus Christ my Son is perfectly formed in you” (Gal 4.19).

Totus Tuus!

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