The day after the election


Kinda reminds me of that old Buddhist proverb about before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, and after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

I think in all the Presidential elections I’ve voted in since turning 18, which I believe is 9 of them, the candidate I voted for has won all of twice, so I have ample experience with this.


I won’t lie to myself or anybody else and claim I won’t be sad or anxious if the candidate I voted against wins.

But I’ll do my best not to dwell on it and carry on.

The fight continues—even if the candidate I’m voting for wins, there is still work to do, petitions to sign, letters to Congress persons to write.

And the day to day tasks of living.


As if Congress really listens or pays attention to the people, anymore.


The thing I might suggest is (though granted I live in a different country but we follow US political drama and take it seriously)…

Your candidate that frightened me won last time. (Trump.) But after he won, I decided to hope for him to surprise me and do well anyway – and he did.

And incidentally it was the fact that other leftists, like I had been, didn’t share my hope and desire to give Trump charitable leeway, didn’t want to try to help him do good for your country but instead seemed to want to watch your country burn so long as they could blame him (and indeed lit and fanned flames themselves), that turned me away from the left. Which I’d been part of all my life.

So I mean, not that I’m anyone to give advice. But I guess I would give the advice of, still vote your conscience; then if the “other guy” wins… still hope for them to surprise you. Maybe they will.

Basically follow God’s advice about charity of mind, no matter who it is. Better than any political partisanship. God’s side is the side that wins in eternity.


The Day After The Election: Watch the election results.
The Day After That: Watch the election results.
The Next Day: Watch the election results.
The Next Day: Watch the election results.
The Next Day: Watch the election results.


Whoever wins, it doesn’t matter.

Jerome Powell is still in office.
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