The Day has come

To all people of God, it is time we turn our lives around while we can. To me I have been trying to tell people that, we are in the end times,sign are all around us,but because we are caught up in this world of modern time we have for gotten, about saving our Souls,we are attending to turn more to the things of this world, but we must understand,that we can,t take them to Heaven. So now its up to you,s,which do you want, the LOVE of Jesus,or follow man and his Evil way. GOD Bless every one,that turns to the LORD. Amen

That’s very true, we need to keep prayer, not seek temporal material things for our pleasure. Our greatest pleasure should be charitable service to our neighbor, and whole-hearted Love of God.

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There is no way to know if we are in the end times or not. We are called to live our lives every day as if it is our last, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven.”

As poor Fr. Corapi used to say, “the end of the world is very close…for you…and for me”. Meaning we’re way more likely to die than witness the 2nd Coming.

Live accordingly. :thumbsup:

Either way I am in the end times as I am also in the final lap of my journey through this vale of tears to, please God, Eternal Life with Him.

In any event, John the Baptist, I like your advice. God reward you for sharing it with us!

For everyone comes the final day in less than 120 years, it is called dead and can happen everyday and everytime.

( Amen )to that.

Nobody (certainly not you) knows we are in end times. That is sheer speculation.

Well, technically we are in the end times since the ascension. These ARE the last days before the second coming. This IS the time period in which all the signs are happening. Will it be today or thousands of years from now that it is completed? Only God knows.

Whether we are at the end of an age of not, we should all live as if each day were our last because one of these days, it will be. Personally, I think there is so much evil in this world, just with abortion alone and the killing of millions of innocent babies in the world each year, let alone all of the other evils on this earth, that it doesn’t seem possible that our world as we know it can go on much longer.

I agree because Jesus told us to always be ready because we do not know the day and the hour.
I simply get irritated (yes I’m human) when people say we are definitely in end times because of this and that. Its nonsense because nothing is happening now that has not happened over the past 2000 years, i.e. attacks on the Church, wars, natural disasters etc.

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