The Day They Kicked God out of the Schools



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loved it!!!


This just came to me while watching the video: if there is no form of discipline in school when a student misbehaves for fear of bad publicity and being sued, aren’t they going to face lawsuits & the media anyway especially when someone dies or is badly injured when another pupil violently acts out such as the case at Virginia Tech and Columbine? :confused:

I pray for our future generations.:gopray2:


If a student wants to pray in school, he can. If a teacher wants to pray in school, he can. If a student wants to form an organization to meet on campus that includes prayer and bible study, he can. It’s ridiculous to say that “God isn’t allowed in schools.”

Furthermore, the opening is ridiculous as well. God can go where-ever he wants. Even *if *public schools didn’t “allow God,” he could enter if he wanted to. That’s sort of like a policeman saying, after accused of not helping a murder-in-progress, “oh, sorry, that’s out of my jurisdiction.” He’s still culpable for it.


As a former public school teacher, I can tell you that we did have a discipline policy in place. It mostly involved documentation, sending the student out of the classroom, to the principal’s office, and parent meetings. That’s about it.

In this same school (and I’m talking about my school personally, not my district, and only in the 7 years I taught), we had bomb threats, drug deals, oral sex in stairways, thefts, pornographic pictures taken of students, by students, while on school ground, then posted to the internet, weapons, and violent outbursts against fellow students (all this in 6-8th grade, no less). Most of the time, the school avoided legal issues by all the documentation and parent meetings. Did this PREVENT problems? No. It did, however, cover the school’s behind in legal cases, which, I guess, was the best they hoped for.

The one time the media caught wind of something, it was the bomb threat. Media vans were camped outside of the building before most of the staff even knew. But, since it was “only” a threat, there wasn’t much for them to report on, and it quickly died.

Thank the Good Lord we never had anything resulting in the physical death of our students- their spiritual death was another matter.



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