The dead are among the living?

I am currently reading the beginning of a catholic bible (the intro about beliefs held) and it says,

"Catholics believe that in death life is changed, not ended, for the faithful who have died. As those who have died remain among the living, so Catholics believe that they continue to pray for us, as we do for them."

Where does this belief of the dead being among the living? Is purgatory on the other side of the veil per say?

I get the part before that says" Catholics refer to those who have died and entered into the heavenly realm as t communion of saints. Catholics believe that those who have died are still part of the church."

I would take this statement to be saying much the same thing that Jesus was saying when he debated with the Sadducees about the resurrection. The full context is Mark 12:18-27, but the two key verses are 26-27, where Jesus implies that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob should be counted as living, not dead.

Of course there is a separation of sorts between those who are alive in this world and those who are alive in the next. But there are a few Biblical passages which show that the separation is not absolute, and that those who have died can sometimes interact with those of us who remain in the present life. The most obvious example is that Moses and Elijah were able to appear alongside Jesus at his Transfiguration, and that their conversation was heard by Peter, James and John (Mark 9).

ok that makes more sense. thank you

The Seeker… Hi… What happens to us is that we are transformed by Christ to be like Christ who is fully free from sin AND ‘spirit’. Can you see the Holy spirit? No, but we know it’s there all around us… So after our death we become like angels who are part of the Holy Spirit of God just as Jesus and the Angels and the saints in heaven who can pray for us on our behalf…

Luke 20:36 Indeed they cannot die anymore, because they are like angels and are children of God, being children of the resurrection.

Part of that happens right after we die where we are finally purified so that we can enter heaven fully transformed into His likeness… Sins cannot enter heaven because heaven is a place of purity and light, so we need Jesus to remove the sins from our soul… This is on the other side of the veil as you said… That’s why we pray for the souls in purgatory so that the sins on their souls will be ‘purgated’ (face it people have some sort of sin that binds them when they die) The final purification of our sins is called refiners fire and is very biblical… So once purified and they can rest in their final peace with God in heaven. Once you understand this it will be easy to pick out the scriptures related to purgatory…
I hope this helps…Peace…

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The dead are living---------------eternal life!!! :slight_smile:

I would also point out that if you have been baptized you are already dead. You have died and been raised in Christ and your life is “hidden in Christ with God.” You are still living in this age but you are also already living in the age to come. So we really don’t die again. The last enemy is already defeated. We pass from this temporal life but we are all very much still alive. There is a reason St Paul says people have “fallen asleep.” It’s because death is no more.

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