The death of a 19yo in a car accident. Please pray for his soul

Please pray for the soul of Matt Kraft who died in a car accident this morning. He was celebrating his 19th birthday and was a passenger in the car. He was a friend of both my daughters and they are distraught. The parents loved their two sons dearly and he was a best friend to his brother Kyall.
This is so very very sad. Please pray for his soul. Please pray that God has mercy on him and that He will comfort those who are living through a nightmare.


With my prayers for all - Joe

Praying. May his family be comforted and may he rest in peace.


God hold you in this time of pain. Know that the friend of you daughters is now sitting at the right hand of the father. His pains are no longer his to worry for. His journey through this life and the temptations of satan’s grasps are no longer a threat to him. Today God has called his son home. May his journey to that Kingdom be guided by the Angels of our God.

God Bless to you and your Family.

:gopray2: I am praying.

:knight1: :highprayer: :crossrc: :knight1:

Praying for his repose and his family…

Praying. :gopray:

I’m so sorry. I’m praying for him and his family.

Thank you all. His brother is staying with us tonight as I don’t think he can bear to be in his house with his brother not coming home. The boy who was driving is up on criminal charges for reckless driving and speeding. I am so sad for him and his family. Please keep praying for them.

I will pray for them. Please tell the brother that I am so terribly sad for him, and his family is in my prayers.

Praises to the most High, who needed a new angel. I am sorry he is gone


May God comfort the grieving family and bring Matt to his heavenly home.

May Matt’s soul and all souls through God’s Loving Compassionate Mercy rest in His Peace. Please comfort, Lord, all family and friends at this terribly saddening time…Our Lady of Sorrows pray for them…

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