The Defenders

Anyone here watch the show on Netflix? I’m a fan of comic books and found the show to be pretty good but not as good as either season of Daredevil.

I watched twice already! :smiley:

Is daredevil good yeah?

Yes Daredevil is good. Haven’t seen Defenders yet.

All of the Marvel Netflix shows were fairly good, with the exception of Iron Fist which while I did not find it as awful as some I thought mediocre. I liked Jessica Jones and Luke Cage best, in the case of the latter mainly due to Mike Colter who really caught the essence of the character and who whilst not perfect and with flaws is still a heroic individual trying to do the right thing.

I liked it.

Started slow.

Loved season 1 of Daredevil.
Season 2 was good too.

Only made it through an episode each of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.
Didn’t see any of Iron Fist.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are probably not for everyone, Jessica is a real pain in the bottom and although she has heroic qualities the fact she is a very heavy drinker and has a very foul mouth means she could be off putting to watch at first. If she was real I could definitely imagine people losing their temper with her quite quickly.

Ok overall I thought, flashes of wit and really good writing, but average as a whole. Pleased to see Luke act as the common sense heart of the group and the voice of reason much of the time. I still find Danny portrayed in far too juvenile a manner in many ways.

She is a rebel. I imagine that the intention was to make her an icon of feminism::rolleyes::

Personally i think shes a good role model for Catholic teenagers.

Not really, she is just quite close to her comic book equivalent. She has reasons for been such an insufferable pain which slowly become quite clear. Nothing to do with feminism really involved in them. Luke is the best role model ultimately I’d say of all four characters when you watch him long enough. He does have his faults, a bit of an eye for the ladies but he doesn’t drink, is not tearing himself apart mentally as Matt is and wants to do something positive for his neighbourhood and people and as he himself puts he does not like hurting people for no reason. He will fight when needs be but he doesn’t just love to punch people and he is older than the other characters by a good ten years or more and has seen more of the world than them. The comic book version of Luke is married to Jessica Jones which is why they keep teasing us with the relationship between those two as they know very well a lot of comic book fans are watching.

No, she’s actually hurting badly on the inside. She was abandoned as a child, only having her step sister that she can count on, and was raped before the Jessica Jones series started. There is also most likely a lot more abuse that she suffered that hasn’t been discussed yet.

So she acts the way she does because she is in emotional pain.

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