The Defending the Faith Conference was fabulous!

Dion DiMucci, of Dion and the Belmonts, “The Wanderer”, “Run Around Sue” and other hits, gave his testimony. Fantastic!! The link below leads to his story on his website.

Wonderful weekend . . . Fr. Benedict Groeschel is scheduled to speak next year- God willing. :thumbsup:


WOW! KCT thankyou for posting this. I opened this thread thinking , “OK, KCT is just going to say how great this conference was, eh”.:wink: Boy am I glad I opened it and then went to the site you posted. This has been very interesting and something I never knew about Dion. What a fabulous story of his coming home again.

I especially liked the part when his wife said, “I wonder what THIS church will look like in 2000yrs”. LOL ! I’ll have to remember that line.

I am thinkful to you for posting this and thankful to him for writing about his journey. A good read.

Glad it was that good!!! :slight_smile:

Now - inquiring Pittsburghers want to know…

Just where did you have lunch? LOL

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