The Demise of "Brain Death"

Commentary by Dr. Paul A. Byrne, M.D.www.thelifeguardian.orgWe are bombarded with propaganda that encourages organ donation. For an organ to be suitable for transplantation it must be taken from a living person. Recent reports in the literature include: Dr. KG Karakatsanis of Greece…

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The first link does not work. The article in the second link has a very important item:

“In the New England Journal of Medicine on 8-14-08 it was reported that infants who were not “brain dead” were pronounced dead after life support was discontinued. When there was no detected pulse for only 1.25 minutes, the heart was then excised for transplantation.”

This is very spooking to think that they are basically taking an organ out of a child who is not dead by virtually any definition.:tsktsk:

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