The demonic possessed's dreams

How do you think those that are possessed by demons dream at night? Do you think this would be there only sort of peace or do you believe that the demon continues the nightmare even in their dreams?


At first, I didn’t know much about the house except that the previous owners didn’t care for it. I move in and it takes me about several months (I believe half a year) before anything starts getting weird. My Mom’s stepdad passed away and I didn’t know how to handle my thoughts and feelings. A week later one of my favorite high school teachers passed away. At this point I’m devastated; I permeated negative thoughts constantly. I stopped going to church to gather my wits about my losses, but I kept having dreams where a priest dressed in his robes and chasuble saying “You’re welcomed here. We miss you.”

My wife would see things at the corner of her eye and would hear sounds outside those sounds normally found in older homes. She asked me if I saw anything but I didn’t. She would constantly have nightmares and would wake up tired and grumpy. Then I got dreams that where quite disturbing (and rarely do I have nightmares.) Her best friend from Arizona came up to visit us and he’s a very spiritual, religious man. He stayed in our guest room and one morning he woke up with bruises and scratches all over his body.

We asked my wife’s Catholic friend to help us out, since she has some experience dealing with spirits (it helps too that she has a priest for a cousin.) She was able to rid the house of whatever it contained but I moved out of that house a year later.

To answer your question briefly, I believe that whether you’re possessed or an object is (in my case my house,) you are still affected via dreams.

We don’t really know, as no-one having that experience has described it.

It’s possible that someone under that kind of stress might not have remembered dreams at all.


Fr. Chad Ripperger says we should ask the help of our gaurdian angel to protect us from bad dreams. Here is his talk about gaurdian angels

His two part talk on demons is really good too

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