The Deuterocanonicals

I am reading a great booklet on Catholic apologetics which has been most helpful… However, on the point of the canon, it has confused me. I know that we call the 7 books taken out by Protestants deuterocanonical. I read some where that was because their status as inspired was not decided until later unlike the other books. This book I am reading says that OT was translated into Greek and was completed around 250-125 BC. It leads you to believe that the OT canon we still use today was the same then as it is now. I thought the church didn’t finish the canon until much later, NT and OT. Also it said that the Hebrew canon from 100 AD didn’t include those books because they could not find them in Hebrew. IS that true?
I would love to pass this info on to my sister who is coming back to the faith but I want to make sure the info is accurate.
God bless you for all your work!

I recommend the following:

Defending the Deuterocanonicals by Jimmy Akin

The Old Testament Canon (Fathers) by Jimmy Akin

*Where We Got the Bible * by Bishop Henry G. Graham

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