The Devil and Easter



I was thinking about one of the final scenes in the The Passion (the one where the devil is howling in hell after the crucifixion). My question is - did the devil know that he was beaten as soon as Jesus died or did it take Christ’s resurrection before the devil knew he was beaten?

Also, could the Apostles have been under spiritual attack on Easter Saturday?



I believe Satan didn’t quite grasp the full consequences of Christ’s Crusifixion and how it would put us back in God’s Graces untill after the fact. The way I see it, if he knew, then he would have done everything in his power not to let it happen.


In A Guide To The Passion: 100 Questions about The Passion of The Christ by the editors of Catholic Exchange (Ascension Press, 2004), it says on page 61:
96) Why does the devil react in such a frenzied manner to Christ’s death on the Cross?
It appears that the devil, in the frightening isolation this scene depicts, is expressing rage and torment at his defeat. The devil’s prediction in the Garden about the inability of one man to “bear the full burden of sin” was proved false—Jesus was actually able to go through with the Passion and to accomplish His redemptive mission. The devil was completely defeated at Calvary.


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