The Devil (and Jim Carroll) hates Latin

Same old tired anti-catholicism.

I don’t see how the ongoing discussion about Latin is anti-catholics. It seems to me the only people arguing are Catholics.

James Carroll was a Paulist priest. Not only is he anti Catholic but has issues with male authority figures. His father was career military and he has written about what a cruel taskmaster he was. All male authority is bad. blah blah blah blah. Same old song and dance. I used to set the Globe on fire everytime I read him and a few other as a kid.
As one who goes to the local indult I know he doesn’t have a clue. Most of us are either born during VII or long after. I am really tired of we are old people nostalgic for how it used to be. The majority of us are way under 50.

I take it you are not pro-choice on this.

I take it you are not pro-choice on this.


You and I think alike my friend. I read the Globe daily (I like to keep my enemies close by) and can literally feel my blood pressure rising every time I read one of his op-ed pieces. An embittered ex-priest who totally misunderstood what Vatican II was all about - it’s sad but we should still pray for him.

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