The Devil at work on the Daily Show

How much more blasphemous can these so called funny guys get? What a disgrace.

Comments are 99 percent Anti-Catholic as usual…

It’s rather frightening that people are starting buy the idea that “Religion’s influence ends past their Church’s walls”.

As for Jon Stewart, he’s always been Liberal scum who feeds his audience what they want to hear and just smiles smugly at the camera. His response to the demand for an apology shows his hatred of Christians.

Edit: Just saw that this is a blog, unless some other site posted this as news I believe it doesn’t belong here. (may belong in popular media)

Sorry, I’m new to the Forum, not sure where I was supposed to place this thread.

Now that is a truly Catholic statement. :rolleyes:

Charitable, too. :shrug:

Hey, “liberal scum”- has a nice ring to it. I’ll take it! :smiley:

Jon Stewart is a funny man - when he isn’t being a partisan hack.

That would leave him about .02 seconds of every show. I guess he’s just not that funny.


Now that is a truly Catholic statement.

Charitable, too.

Good to know secularist are free to be as offensive as possible but Catholics make sure to judge their fellow Catholics! I hope to see nothing but silence or defense from you two next time Rush Limbaum makes an offensive comment about something or someone! :mad:

And OP, it belongs in Popular Media

It’s “Limbaugh” btw.


There is no reason to go down to their level. Take the high road and be civil. I think people should realize that being bombastic in defense of the faith usually comes across negatively and does more harm than good. I’m sure the Bill Donohues or Michael Voris of the world might disagree, but it would be interesting to me to see how many people respond favorably to that style versus how many respond unfavorably.

During election season that’s true.

But when the Republicans aren’t in government, and an election isn’t coming up, and he feels confident, he dishes it out to both parties pretty evenly, and because he isn’t just being a shill, he does it pretty well.

As a Catholic and as an avid fan of the Daily Show, I found the content needlessly offensive. But Phil Donahue’s response is, typically, laughable and hypocritical. He can dish out the most vile insults about anyone he disagrees with (see Hilary Rosen), but when someone even jokingly profanes the Catholic faith, he acts like we’re one step away from burning down churches. The Catholic “League” (I’m not convinced it extends beyond Donahue) is a complete joke, and boycotting the Daily Show is a silly overreaction.

Phil Donahue?


Might help if you got your media personalities straight!


I said your statement was horrible, not you.

Thanks for assuming I am a liberal. It’s good to know some stereotypes are still alive.
What does any other media personality have to do with you calling someone a “scum-bag?”

I think you need to read your Catechism.

And what level is that?
Sarcasm about a statement and not a person is wicked?
I think the person in question jumped down to a certain level with no help from me.

This is not Catholic news

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