The Devil in Scripture

When we read the Old Testament, we see clearly that Satan is simply one of God’s angels and he does God’s will. For example, when Satan tests Job, he only tests him as far as God will allow him to…he obeys the commands of his creator. Now let’s fast forward to the New Testament. There we see a different nature to Satan. He is portrayed as a rebel who disobeys God and his thus cast out of heaven. Can someone please show me where in the OT there is support for Satan being able to disobey God or rebel? Where did the NT writers ever get the idea that Satan disobeyed God? Some people point to Isaiah 14:12 but that passage doesn’t mention Satan only Nebuchadnezzar.


This is the view of Judaism concerning HaSatan: namely, that he is one of G-d’s angels, given the task of severely testing mankind’s free will, but hoping together with G-d that mankind will be true to G-d and choose the good. Another of Satan’s dirty jobs is to accuse humans in the heavenly court so that they are forced to review their own life and judge themselves either fit or unfit for heaven. G-d, however, passes the final sentence but, if unfavorable, it is Satan who, as the angel of death, executes that sentence since G-d cannot bear to directly send anyone to hell. Judaism does not believe in a cataclysmic struggle between the forces of evil and G-d. On the contrary, Judaism believes there is no one, not even the angels, who have the power to rival G-d, Who is the Creator of everything, good as well as evil. Therefore none of the angels, Satan included, has the free will to disobey G-d. This power of free will toward disobedience is reserved for humans, and thus makes them especially beloved by G-d.

Both Christianity and Islam have different perspectives from Judaism with regard to the nature of Satan.

I am interested to see what the Christian response to this would be Meltzerboy. I am confused as to weather or I want to be Jewish or Christian. What branch of Judaism do you belong to?

Evidently I am not an Orthodox Jew since I am using the computer on Shabbat! I regard myself as a Reform Jew with some leanings toward Conservative Judaism.

Insofar as your faith journey is concerned, I would suggest you study Judaism, Catholicism, and other branches of Christianity; perhaps also Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, if you choose. After studying, comparing, and reflecting upon the various faith traditions, let your mind and heart be your guide in choosing a religion to practice. In the meantime, live your life as a good person by being kind toward and helping other people (and animals); that is the central core of most religious teachings.

Good advice and yes I should have noticed that you are on the computer during Shabbos. lol Shabbat Shalom for now and Shavua Tov for later on tonight.

Thank you so much.

I think the fall of Satan is in the book of Revelations.

Also, for your further info, you may have to go to other books outside the Bible…

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