The Devil is in the Catholic Church


The devil has been trying to destroy the Church since Day One. One way he does this is to try to decrease the number of Catholics and one way of doing that is thorugh contraception. Why are so many Catholics contracepting and having such small families these days?
A lot of Catholics are so worldly - they just seem to live like everyone else… (materialistic, etc…).
The devil is “protestan-tizing” the Catholic Church… :mad:
Do you agree?? Would like to hear testimonies… etc…


I do not think the two can be directly related? The two issues of family size and contraception do not go together.

Family sizes are smaller for real world reasons as you say, but it comes down to being able to raise a family at a size you can support economically and emotionally. 1-3 children are manageable (for most) and anything bigger is hard to balance in today’s world.


Well, the Church is diffinitly under attack from the inside. Just look at the sex scandal and the lack of vocations to the Priesthood that will be the result. My 9 y.o. son is an alter boy, a pool for vocations to the Priesthood. He has even mentioned this as a possible thing he may want to do when he grows up, but Father is nowhere to be seen when it comes to the boys. The Church, including the Priest are paranoid. Now is when my son needs a close connection to a good Priest. It’s heartbreaking. The anti-catholics who jump at the opportunity to attack the Church using the sex scandal as an argument are playing right into the devils hands. He used the weakness and sins of the ordained to start this and it flies in God’s face. It’s steals the innocence of the youth as well. And that is what little youth is left in the Church because of contraception and fallen away parents. I go to a small WV church and when my family first started going , Father joked that the parish just doubled. But truely it is sad. We only have a couple of families, the rest of the parish are seniors. So we have to use female alter servers which again dwindles the pool to the Priesthood. At this rate, things look bleak, but we all know the gates of hell will not prevail. Tim


I do agree with what you are saying. I was recently talking to a priest who was ordained 40 years ago. His parish is in a wealthy section of Brooklyn, and he says the young people there are not having babies and are more interested in attending good restaurants than Mass. He said that the main thing keeping the Catholic Church alive in the US is the Latinos, who are very devoted to the Church, attend Mass every week, and continue to have children as commanded by our Lord.

Artificial birth control has directly led to the moral collapse in our society because it has taken away the purpose for sex. Sex symbolizes our very relationship with God, and our society has destroyed that symbol. So artificial birth control is not only destroying us physically, but more importantly, spiritually.



The use of contraception by “Catholic couples” points to a disrespect for God’s authority in our lives.

I don’t see the point in this second pharagraph, Where people in a different age better equipped by God somehow to support economically and emotionally a larger family? The answer has to be no. Our values are more apt to change than how well God has created us to “deal”.

Are we as a culture, not just more wrapped up in the materialistic sucesses of life?

Isn’t that not serving another God? materialism, greed, pride putting our self worth above all else including the will of God.

God doesn’t change his mind on how we should live, he gave us free will and intellect that we use to justify our actions, but ultimely those action aren’t justified in God’s eyes.


I agree to a point. But some people think that to raise children (healthy ones), what is required is that each child have his or her own bedroom, an expensive college education, etc… Therefore, they use NFP (and contraception) to limit the size of their families. Both parents work, leaving children at home to get into trouble… (something that is otherwise known as “neglect” but is never treated as such…). People often rationalize having 2 incomes when both incomes are not required to live a decent life.
I think in all my long years as a Catholic (cradle Catholic… & I’m no Spring chicken), i have maybe heard One homily against contraception. I say maybe because i am not sure i EVER have… just vaguely seem to recall some priest mentioning it once a long time ago … :shrug:
I come from a big family. We shared bedrooms. It taught us how to get along with each other… (etc). It taught us about love and friendship. I was not deprived in ANY way. I never desired “privacy” (a bedroom of my own) to speak of… We were, by most standards “poor” and yet i never felt poor… & to this day, don’t think we were… (by God’s standards…).
Poverty is subjective… But its pathetic how a lot of people these days say they can’t “afford” children, yet they have two incomes, a new car, etc…
The devil is behind contraception - even the unnecessary use (over-use) of NFP… The devil is behind a lot of other things going on in the Church also…
From the outside looking in, the Catholic Church, as practiced by most Catholics these days, doesn’t look much different from mainstream Protestantism… & Protestantism, for all its admitted good points, is still from the devil (via Martin Luther, who seemed, by way of his bizarre behavior, to have been demonically obsessed or even possessed)…
One time several years ago, I was sitting at the Blessed Sacrament and heard some disturbing words that seemed to come from “nowhere”… They said: “Get out of my church”… :eek: :hmmm: :whacky: I didn’t understand it back then… but i think i do now…


We have four and are poor as Church mice. We unexpectingly had twins. The Lord provides for us though. And how do you not think that contraception and family size are not related? Contraception directly limits family size. That is what it is for. Tim


Is he ready to convert yet?


not only in the church,he is in our every day life,one way is to keep people busy ,at work,sport , homelife, etc. that busy ,we have no time for God. is he winning, well i don’t know.


I think the psychological trauma to children occurs when you have them too soon one after the other or too close in time, not in having too many. Unless you have so many kids you don’t have time to attend to the emotional needs of your kids. It only takes one trouble child to take over almost all your time, then the other kids suffer. Of course, its impossible to prevent some trauma and no one’s childhood is perfect.

Having kids too close in time can cause fusion in the personalities and create difficulties later on in life according to some psychoanalysts of repute.

What worries me about the birth control pill is that it can cause abortions by not always preventing fertilization but preventing implantation. I personally believe many are in extreme danger of hell because of this and it worries me.

As for sexual perversions, they are much more frequant then you think and are a biproduct of the materialistic society we live in and the lack of spirituality and closeness with God and responsible parenting. As for priests with issues, they are human beings just like everyone else. We know that well married people are healthier psychologically and emotionally and are more productive at the workplace. I imagine this would hold true for priests as well since they are human beings no different then anyone else. I want to point out that being saintly, while contributes somewhat to emotional and psychological health, by no means excludes mental illness and should not be considered a substititute for it.



i knew, when i read that, that something didn’t sound right… Thanks. And you are NOT poor if you have four children…

God bless… :slight_smile: I will pray for your family. I am “poor” but then i remember Someone else who was “poor” when he was on this Earth… “Blessed are the poor.”


My mother had many children and had them one after the other… I had a very happy childhood. My adolescence wasn’t so great, but who’s adolescence is?? :eek:
Anyway, I feel i am a much better person for having been raised in a large family. It is NOW that we are not close, not then… which is sad… but anyway…


No, your right, we are greatly blessed. The Lord gave us land and a home to raise our kids on (no loans to pay). We do quite well for the amount of money flow we have. I should have said we don’t have money, that more like it, but then nobody seems to have money, do they? Tim


I hate the devil. He is so pesky.


You can’t honestly believe that?


Could be firing blanks, or maybe he can’t get it up for his wife?


I find it bothersome that so many posts on this board try and simplify this issue. Oh, there are smaller families becuase of …(insert 1 thing). Its not just one thing. Let’s think of what’s different now versus 50 years ago.

Cost of living has sky rocketed.

More and more people are getting advanced education. This results in women not even thinking of marriage until 22 if that young. Many young women are getting more and more careers and are delaying their family until later in life. This in turn decreases the length of fertile time they use to have children.

Cost of children with working parents is extremely enormous which.

So with cost of living requiring now many husbands and wives to work, that means each child they have will need to go to a day care. The cost of day care across the country is rediculous. Having 3 children is more than a mortage.

Come on people, let’s think before we just say “oh everyone is having small families because of contraception.” That is false. Ask many families practicing NFP who only have 2 kids. They have legitamate reasons. And isn’t that one of the benefits of NFP. To be able to licitly avoid when reason are there to do so?

I have two children and can barely afford them. My wife and I both work, we both have graduate degrees but with housing/student loans/car payment/child care. We are struggling to make it work. Let’s not just judge everyone that because they have a small family they are sinning.


While I agree that contraception is brought about by the devil…
I think many on this thread on simplifying the issue.

The devil uses many many ways to pull people away from the Church…

However, making blanket statements is, in itself, non-catholic.
By definition “catholic” means “universal”… which implies ALL DIFFERENT types of families and circumstances in which we can ALL live in union with the church.

Some are called to have large families, some are called to have smaller families and make more money so that they can in turn financially serve the poor in the world.

Blanket statements tend to bother me. :rolleyes:


Let’s not be puritanical… that’s not a characteristic of being Catholic. I still hold the belief that Jesus promised to be with ‘his’ church until the end of time.

Granted that there are people (much less Catholics) who use contraception, the devil shouldn’t be blamed for everything. Remember that there is free will. These people are either “less-educated” or “ignorant” about what the mother church teaches. Some outright reject the teachings of the church out of “choice.”

And I don’t mean that the devil’s off the hook either. He’s out to crush the faithful by any means possible. He’s out to fight and take no prisoners but you just can’t blame him for everything. It would be too easy to blame him for everything… and perhaps that’s what he wants, for us to take the easy route.


I think that people who have a lot of money are (generally) those who go out after it. Some people just don’t care as long as they have enough to get by. Even so, it is hard not to get focused on money… that’s just the way of the world… Which is why i like to go be with Jesus at the Blessed Sacrament… When i am with him, i am with Someone who doesn’t judge me by how much $ i make, what kind of car i drive, etc… :slight_smile:

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