The Devil & Jesus



I have a few questions (They all pretty much fit together.):

We all know the Devil can come to Earth as an apparition or a spirit. Can he come to Earth in the image of Our Lord, and claim to be Him?

If “yes”, can the Devil come and claim to be the Second Coming of Christ, and have all the things relating to it. (So as to fool people into thinking it’s time)

Just wondering…

And related:

I once heard a story about how to deal with apparitions:
There was one Saint I think and one day the Devil appeared to him claiming to be Jesus. But the Saint said he couldn’t be, because he didn’t “fit the description”. Then the Devil left, leaving behind smoke.

And another one when a priest rushed to a (different) Saint and said he say the face of Christ appear magically on the Eucharist or something. Then the Saint said something wise, and went back to work.

I hope someone can tell me where those are from…

Thanks so much, and God Bless.


Scripture tells us the devil can appear as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

During the apparitions in Lourdes, there were several false apparitions with demons masquerading as Mary in addition to the true apparitions St. Bernadette witnessed. Msgr. Leon Cristiani, in his book Evidence of Satan in the Modern World, comments on this situation, “To drown truth in falsehood is a truly diabolical activity.”

I imagine Satan could also try to appear as Jesus. In fact I strongly suspect this is what happened with the author of the horrid occult book A Course in Miracles propagated by Oprah. The author claimed Jesus spoke to her giving her the lessons for her book.


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