The Devil's Foyer

Forces Nab Surface-to-Air Missiles in Mosul

Michael Yon has the details in his latest dispatch - The Devil’s Foyer.

…Nearly every home in Iraq has an outer wall, so the soldiers parked the Strykers a distance away to isolate. The soldiers had silenced their gear, team leaders and squad leaders checking their men by making them jump up and down until they could hear only boots hitting the concrete. The men slipped out of the Strykers and crept quietly through the darkened streets…

This is one of the best posts from Yon. Read the rest.

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Very good! Thanks, gilliam.

Very interesting.
[font=arial]*Drugs: Perhaps for farm animals, or maybe for “Martyrs” who *[/font][font=arial]are known to get doped up and lay-up with prostitutes before killing people.

Very interesting to hear the progress the Iraqi Police are making; their courage and skill in avoiding the beheaders.

*…And there was that homemade sword. I picked up the long weapon, rotated it back and forth to examine the handle and blade. The blade was jagged but the steel looked brittle. Had this blade been used to chop off heads? I raised the sword over my head and struck a rock to test its strength. The blade snapped in half.

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