The dictatorship of secular relativism - a major paradigm shift in Catholic apologetics

Has anyone else noticed how fundamentalists are suddenly the least of our concerns when it comes to Catholic apologetics and attacks on the Catholic Church? Catholics and fundamentalists are even sometimes finding ourselves fighting on the same side when it comes to moral battles like so-called same-sex “marriage” and abortion (e.g. Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A). I’ve even been called a “fundamentalist” by militant atheists simply because I don’t agree with SS"M" and because I believe that abortion is murder.

Yes, I agree with you.

IMO, the biggest challenge today is atheism, agnosticism, materialism, etc., - not committed believers in other Christian denominations. I sometimes think it’s time to go back and read the works of the ECF’s in their evangelization of pagans.

Not only are atheism, agnosticism, materialism on the rise, but also we’re seeing a strong surge in new age and occult spirituality. About the worst thing you can be these days is a Christian or a Muslim. And by worst, I mean most detestable in the eyes of the world.

Some not all. There are quite a few protestant denominations that have women ordination, acceptance of homosexual marriage and abortion. And most allow for contraception I believe. They shouldn’t be the least of concerns. Christ wants all in His Church and we still need to evangelize all to the One True Church including those that may agree with us on some issues.

“In the eyes of the world”: I am not seeing the religion of Islam attacked in the mass media, politicians, or academics. Some of them do criticize suicide bombers or terrorists who also happen to be Muslims. The media tell us (perhaps fairly) that these villains are not really following the teachings of Muslim faith. But the religion of Islam, its theology, are criticized seldom, and less and less each year.

In terms of faith itself, the real attack is on Christianity and 90 percent of that attack is specific to Catholicism. Perhaps in 1950 secularists would criticize churches in general. In 1980 they would focus only on Catholics and evangelicals. Today there is essentially only one target.

In 10 years the religion of Islam will be far more respected in the media, politics and education than the religion of Catholicism. I predict the media will be favorable to the point of flattering all non-Catholic Christianity, and applauding any dissenting Catholics. Perhaps we are at that point now.

It is an interesting issue finding out what or who exactly is the Church’s major enemy in the world.

However, I fall into the opinion that the main concern comes from within.

If Apologetics are to be important, then it is imperative that we distinguish heterodoxy from orthodoxy from the people that we think we can trust.

It also involves coming to grips with doctrinal tough questions that remain poorly answered or ignored.

You’re probably very right regarding media attacks, and what the future holds for Catholics. Myself, I’m speaking from my own experience on message boards, and forums: what the attitudes of the people on the ground are, so to speak.

The Protestant denominations that have accepted those things are the “mainline” (liberal) ones. Protestant fundamentalists are in a different category. They are generally conservative and “bible believing”. For this reason, so far most of them haven’t accepted abortion and so-called same-sex “marriage”.

Those believers are still in an imperfect union. Yes, protestants will profess to love Christ yet many also believe a church or even religion is not necessary. Many protestant denominations accept homosexual marriage and abortion as well as contraception. That is the result when you aim to separate Jesus from His Church. As Pope Francis stated recently…

That is why the great Paul VI said that it is an absurd dichotomy to love Christ without the Church, to listen to Christ but not the Church, to be with Christ at the margins of the Church.,-to-listen-to-Christ-but-not-the-Church,-to-be-with-Christ-at-the-margins-of-the-Church-30177.html

Good point. It seems everywhere I look nowadays I see a new Yoga studio opening up for business and plenty of people willing to sign up.

Op is talking about fundamentalists which wouldn’t have ordained women and all the rest. The Protestant Churches that support the above are found usually in mainline denominational Churches. About contraception, I think only the quiver full fundamentalists would be against all artificial contraception.

Believe me, the secular left in the First World is scared to death of conservative Muslims.

Having a Bill Maher or two or a bunch of atheists on youtube challenging them on occasion doesn’t even come close to stopping them.

Catholics are easy to target, and I’m not necessarily saying so because of Islamist terrorism.

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