The Dictatorship of Sentimentalism


Winning the argument through manipulation, by making use of emotional blackmail.


I think I see this sort of thing on CAF to a lesser degree.


Thanks for this article which is true. I would add that the people using this technique are usually liberal. The tears can also flow from frustration once their debating techniques aren’t working. OTOH, when somebody cries there may be a lot more to it than manipulation, so one would have to ask a lot of questions.


Well, I know a few people for whom emotionalism is not so much a debating tactic or consciously manipulative. Rather, it is their emotions which simply drive all their actions and decisions. And that’s a shame, because emotionalism and sentiment can lead to some really bad day to day decisions.


That’s actually a good post. Also means examination of conscience. Even for myself.

Thank you

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