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I received an email today, that the Didache Bible is now availiable. I ordered immediately. This is what I have been waiting for. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.–based-on-the-catechism-of-the-catholic-church.aspx?utm_source=Truth+and+Life&utm_campaign=d0ab85bd67-Didache_Bible_TL1_16_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4fb0afb1e0-d0ab85bd67-175756645


I also just ordered through Ignatius’ western Canadian distributor and am eagerly looking forward to it. It looks like it’s going to be one of the best and most solid Catholic Bibles around for a long time.


Saw this on FB

Why should you buy yet another Bible?
Well, because…

•It features extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible.
•It includes numerous apologetical inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church’s teachings on current issues.
•It uses the Ignatius Bible Edition (Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition).

•It has twenty-seven full-color biblical maps, including the journeys of Jesus Christ.
•It includes a comprehensive, forty-three page glossary and a topical index.
•It’s useful for students and adults studying Scripture.
•It’s ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.
•It’s Accessible by all people in its level of scriptural scholarship.

What would be the best Catholic translation for lay readers that also has some good solid commentaries to shed further light?


The new** ‘The Didache Bible’** is certainly a good choice. It uses the RSV-2CE translation which appeals to a lot of people because it is a formal translation (which makes it good for study), it has a lot of the archaic language removed (thees and thous). Yet the RSV-2CE is still easy to read. Combine this with commentary notes based upon the CCC, apologetic inserts on Catholic doctrine and a lot of maps, I think you have a Catholic Bible that a lot of people will want to have.
Go to for pictures and comments!


Thank you very much!

Gotta save my lunch money though. :smiley:


Not everyone is a fan of the RSV-2CE.

The Second Catholic Edition is an Ignatius Press proprietary modification to the RSV-CE. They never told anyone the names of those on the team making the changes or what their philosophy for changing anything was. The choice of what they changed seems arbitrary.

They also did not incorporate the most recent archeological findings and advances from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Say what you want about the NABRE but at least they used the latest scholarship whereas the RSV-2CE does not.

I’m sure the Didache Bible has some good content apart from the sacred text but the sacred text itself leaves much to be desired. The arbitrary changes and Ignatius’ bundling of all the extras including commentary from popular apologists make it seem like more of a marketing effort than anything else. I say this as someone who has read the RSV-CE cover to cover five times and owns the Ignatius RSV-2CE study New Testament.

The RSV-2CE is not the gold-standard in Catholic Bibles that everyone thinks it is. That is my personal opinion.



I like and use both the NABRE and the RSV-2CE and have used both since the RSV-2CE was published in 2006. I have also read the daily Mass readings using the Ignatius Catholic Lectionary and the NAB/RE side by side for much of eight years, and they actually complement one another very well. I have also compared the RSV-CE and RSV-2CE line by line through all the Gospels and Acts to see the changes made.
The RSV (in what ever form) is still used by scholars who prefer a formal translation, was used with the NRSV in publishing the English language version of CCC. The RSV-2CE is approved for use in the Mass in the Antilles Episcopal Conference, in Africa by a few countries and by the Anglican Use Ordinate. So whether one uses the RSV-CE/2CE, NABRE, D-R, NRSV-CE or the Jerusalem Bible it comes down to preference, or use them all!


I have received a copy of this Bible. It is a theological and apologetic study Bible based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is a Bible that many people on this forum have been asking for. It is a hardcover, it has two ribbon marks. Bleed through is very well controlled and the print is bold. There are 24 maps, and approx 106 apologetic pages inserted through out the text. The quality is good, with a sewn binding. There is a bonded leather version to be available at a later time. This is a nice Bible! :thumbsup:


I’m very happy with my Ignatius Study Bible but it’s only the New Testament.

How does the Didache Bible compare in terms of a study Bible?

I was waiting for the Old Testament treatment of the Ignatius Study Bible but maybe this supersedes that?


Great! God willing I will buy the leather version as I am hard on books.


The Didache Bible uses the CCC as its main source of commentary as opposed to other study Bibles which may refer ti it occasionally. This is a joint effort between Midwest Theological Forum (MTF) and Ignatius Press and doesn’t replace the complete Ignatius Catholic Study Bible.


I also ordered the Didache and I am looking forward to its arrival.


Got mine. Havent looked at it to much but initially i think its a game changer in bible study. Ccc reference is a great feature. Have not checked to see if the commentary is Ignatius study bible content or something new. Hard cover is irritating


It is totally new commentary. :thumbsup: Plus add the 105 apologetic explanations of Catholic topics and the abundant maps makes this a very good study Bible for Catholics and those who want to know what Catholic’s believe (but don’t want to open the Catechism). This is especially a great Bible for people in RCIA!
Regarding the hardcover, I put mine in a Bible cover and put Bible tabs on it. It already has two ribbon markers. There is a bonded leather version that will be coming out some time, there apparently were some productions problems.


Got mine Tuesday and will be preparing a full review for Tim’s blog. In the meantime, I will offer this:

  • Commentary is awesome!
  • Apologetic notes are great for short, 1 page references.
  • Maps are nice. There are a lot of them.
  • Cover and cover art are meh to me. I’d rather have the leather.

Overall, its a nice compliment to the Ignatius Study Bible. Ignatius Press now has a great spectrum of titles using the RSV-2CE:

  • Pocket devotional NT & Psalms
  • Complete reading Bible (regular edition)
  • a theological/apologetics edition (Didache Bible)
  • a full-blown study Bible (once the full study Bible is finished and published in one binding).


:thumbsup: These notes are very Catholic, theological and devotional! A great Bible for RCIA!!!


Is there a cross reference included?



It is using the cross references that were in the Ignatius RSV-2CE and of course anything that is mentioned in the commentary notes.


See a review of the Didache Bible at :thumbsup:


Just ordered one :smiley: Do you all think it would work well with Lectio Divina? I found the Navarre Bible commentary to be excellent for my Lectio but its too expensive unfortunately. pax

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